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Wise Presents A Free Webinar \”Creating a Kindness Culture in the Workplace\”

\"\"On Thursday, May 11 from12:00 – 1:00 pm CST Women Impacting Storebrand Excellence (WISE) will present the FREE Webinar \”Creating a Kindness Culture in the Workplace\”. Gabriella van Rij: Speaker, Author & Activist for Kindness will discuss:

\"\"In our current fast-paced environment, where every mistake we make is amplified through social media and thus blown out of context, we now communicate in a way that has become unfiltered, uncensored, and unacceptable. Through funny analogies and stories, Gabriella van Rij discusses how kindness – in our communication and behavior – plays an important role in creating a robust and emotionally safe workplace for everyone.

Gabriella famously says, “Nobody strikes another coming from a positive place. But all it takes to help another go from a negative space to a positive place is that one moment, one kindness to BE the difference!”

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The role kindness plays in creating a community and work environment where all feel safe and accepted by others.
  • Hindrances to kindness in the workplace.
  • What kindness looks like in the workplace, practical applications.
  • Empathy and learning to shift your perception to see the other’s perspective.
  • How making it about them, not about you, will help you be a better communicator.

Gabriella van Rij: Speaker, Author & Activist for Kindness
The leading voice of the Kindness movement, Gabriella van Rij [pronounced “ray”] works to spread the message that we are all unique, and we each have something to offer the person next to us. Gabriella\’s presentations blend humor, original analogies, and her life story to create a rare perspective-shifting experience that speaks to all and that provides the tools audiences need for more productive relationships. Gabriella is an acclaimed author of three books. Watch Your Delivery is Gabriella’s third and latest book, based on one of her popular presentations of the same name.

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