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Walmart Extends Better Homes & Gardens License

\"\"This week Meredith Corporation announced an extension of its licensing agreement through mid-2024 of its Better Homes & Gardens brand license to Walmart in the United States and Canada.

\”At over 4,000 stores nationwide and increasingly online, Walmart shoppers continue to demonstrate their passion and loyalty for the style, quality and value of Better Homes & Gardens products,\” said Thomas Witschi, President of Meredith Consumer Products. \”We\’re enthusiastic about the expanded breadth and style appeal of our home and outdoor lines. We look forward to continuing our successful relationship with Walmart.\”

The Better Homes & Gardens license came to Walmart stores in 1998 and ten years later expanded its existing gardening product line into the broader home category. For Walmart, the brand fills the role of premium homed décor private label speaking to Walmarts older female customer base. Since its launch, the number of items has increased six-fold from 500 to over 3,000 today.

\”The home line at Walmart truly brings the Better Homes & Gardens brand to life,\” said Stephen Orr, Editor-in-Chief, Better Homes & Gardens. \”Consumers can express their own personal style with hundreds of on-trend options, all at the affordable prices for which Walmart is known. We\’ve recently delved even deeper into these core categories, offering a broader range of styles to Walmart shoppers.\”

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