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The key principles of retail branding: Cohesion

\"\"Today we are posting Jonathan Ford\’s last retail branding principle, principle 6, Cohesion.
Jonathan is Creative Partner at Pearlfisher and will be present on Wednesday \”\’Design for Life\’ – Creating a New Design Language for Health and Wellbeing in the Retail Sector\” alongside Maggie Hodgetts of Waitrose at The Private Brand Movement conference in Chicago.

You still have time to get here, pack your bag and join us: My Private Brand readers can register with the code MYPBRAND and receive 20% off the standard rates.
Principle 6 – COHESION
It’s important to create a distinct family feel with a shared aesthetic and clear architecture, which spells out how the categories, tiers and sub-brands should all sit together. Having a defined structure in place should then pave the way for greater individual expression in other areas of the brand experience. This can be achieved by finding an ownable visual language that is undeniably yours. This must resonate at all touch points – no man is an island just as no piece of packaging is ever viewed in isolation.

At Fortnum & Mason in London, consumer choices are based on preference over value, so brand quality must be carefully communicated and preserved across all tiers. We created a blueprint for a visual language strong enough to cross categories and seduce consumers into buying the whole offer, from jams and teas to their limited edition tercentenary range.


Source: The Next Big Design


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