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Google to Open YouTube Store in London

\"GoogleOver the last ten years’ private brand has evolved across all channels at light speed, traditional NBE \”compare and save\” products have given way to a variety of goods and services focused on differentiation. Retailers have also grown evolved and changed and Google has jumped from simple search to ecommerce, travel and much more.

This month Google who bought YouTube for $1.65 billion in 2006, is set to open a physical YouTube store in London where popular YouTuber stars will sell their merchandise.

The \”Creator Store\”, due to open within the next four weeks, will be part of the new YouTube Space, which launched this week on the ground floor of Google\’s office.

The store will sell t-shirts, books, mugs, photo frames, and other items that have been developed by designers and branding teams working with some of the most popular creators on YouTube. It will also be used for book signings and product releases.

The YouTube Space also contains three studios for celebrity YouTubers to use, as well as a barista bar and a community area that can be accessed by the public.

The space is designed to help YouTubers improve the quality of their videos, be it by offering them access to workshops or giving them access to equipment they wouldn\’t otherwise be able to get their hands on.

So Google and YouTube are facilitating the development of unique content (product) and corresponding products – sounds like private brand to me.

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Amazon Teases A Mystery Private Brand Event


Online retailer Amazon posted a video to YouTube on Wednesday teasing an upcoming Private Brand product launch event for what is rumored to be a 3D smartphone.

The video is minimal at best but still features enough clues to keep the aspiring Sherlock guessing. Including user reactions like, “Whoa”. “I\’ve never seen anything like this.” or “it\’s very real life and incomparable to anything I have seen.”

The video was accompanied by a website on which anyone with an account can register to attend the June 18 event. The invite request page features a picture of what looks like an Amazon Private Brand phone with a black body. It remains to be seen whether the launch will extend the wildly popular Kindle or Fire brands or introduce a new name to Amazon’s portfolio of Private Brands. Wither way Amazon continues to raise te bar for the development and promotion of retailer owned brands.


Walgreens Debuts YouTube Series \”Mom\’s Cool Thing\”

\"WalgreensCheck out this fascinating YouTube series from Walgreens that promotes its Private Brands. Former Melrose Place star Laura Leighton hosts the show,Mom\’s Cool Things, which puts two working moms through a taste test challenge.

Mom\’s Cool Things, Episode 1: Features Good & Delish decadent treats. The mom who correctly identifies the most unique flavors will win a Walgreens gift card.

Mom\’s Cool Things, Episode 2: features Walgreens Brand health and wellness products.

Mom\’s Cool Things, Episode 3: Finds the Moms tasked with finding household cleaning and personal care products from Ology.