Anthem Safeway

Refreshe with Private Brand from Safeway

\"\"Pleasanton, California-based grocer Safeway is inviting its customers to “pop open great taste at a great price,” with the launch or relaunch of its line of Private Brand carbonated soft drinks under the “refreshe” name. The sodas will continue to carry the Safeway brand while extending the existing bottled water brand “refreshe” with new designs by San Francisco based branding agency Anthem Worldwide. Safeway will offer more than fifteen different flavors including a wide selection of colas, fruit flavors and diet drinks.

The new brand is on currently on sale for $1.88 per 12-pack of 12-ounce cans, or 2 for $1 per 2-liter bottle, with loyalty card. Refreshe water is currently on sale for $2.99 per 24-pack of 16.9-ounce bottles.

This is an interesting move that seems to point to Safeway evolving not simply soft drinks but its Private Brand portfolio. Is it possible that a simple brand extension could be a signal of a strategic shift to come?


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ASDA Walmart

Walmarts ASDA Building International Private Brands

\"PrivateWalmart owned European supercenter ASDA is preparing to create international Private Brands that will be sold throughout Walmart’s grocery chains around the world. The first categories to be overhauled will be beer, alcohol, beverages, cereals, snacks and cookies. They will be followed by candy, canned foods, soft drinks, deserts and baking products, vegetables and meat and frozen food in November.

This move comes a little more than a year after Walmart relaunched and redesigned its flagship Private Brand, Great Value. Great Value has been seen in several countries throughout the world including Mexico and India so it will be interesting to see how these new brands interact with the American created Great Value. If Walmart chooses to use ASDA as a development arm for Private Brand throughout the world it has the potential to be a game changer for Private Brands in the US.

Asda’s “Free from” range will be redesigned in December. The Walmart owned supermarket redesigned its premium Extra Special range with new recipes and packaging last year.

Asda global chief marketing officer Rick Bendel told the English trade magazine Marketing Week that the supermarket chain was looking to develop five or six international Private Brands that would be sold globally through Walmart owned chains.

Bendel says that in the UK, Private Brands are part of marketing while in other countries they are seen as viewed as downmarket imitations of branded goods.

He says that Private Brands are more developed in Great Britain with penetration approximately 50%, compared to 15% in other countries.

Asda is also preparing to redesign its UK Private Brands to improve its quality perception, according to reports. The first categories to be reworked will be the beer, alcohol, beverages, cereals, snacks and biscuits.



Private Brand Sodas Pop.

\"IMG_0731\"This article from Packaging Digest, presents a remarkable perspective on the growth of Private Brands in beverage categories. These are categories that have traditionally been dominated by the soda demigods, Coke and Pepsi, however when you introduce markets outside the US and expand from soda to beverages the outlook for Private Brand growth is promising.

Private label beverages rise in weak economy

Soft drink market shifts increasingly to private brands, challenge major brands.

According to a new report from beverage research agency Canadean, the global economic downturn is providing the perfect conditions for private label products to flourish. Private label products in the total soft drinks sector now account for over 1 in every 10 liters sold in the global marketplace. Factoring in discounts for the on-premise sector — where private label use is marginal — then private label\’s share of the market rises yet further. The rise of private label is proving to be a considerable threat to branded soft drinks.

The dramatic financial turbulence of recent times has undoubtedly provided a major opportunity for private label. Apart from the obvious factor that consumers are more inclined to seek out the value that private label products represent in a downturn, there has been another factor that has boosted the private label segment; the shift from on- to off-premise sales. In many markets the footfall in bars and restaurants has fallen back sharply but consumers are compensating for this by drinking more at home and buying soft drinks in the off-premise, where the bulk of private label products are found.

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