FREE Basketball Tickets From Bi-Lo

It\’s Christmas time, and the wife, kids and I made the pilgrimage to Grandma\’s house in Greenville, SC. It\’s where we grew up and it is home to the Bi-Lo corporate headquarters. Bi-Lo the one time Ahold grocery chain is now owned by a holding company out of Texas

I, literally grew up a mile from the corporate headquarters so it is the store I grew up with.

So after lunch my brother-in-law and I made a run to Bi-Lo for beer, milk and eggs, all the essentials. While checking out I noticed this poster. Buy seven of their private brand, Southern Home products and get free tickets to a University of South Carolina basketball game. Do I care, Maybe, is it a good promotion, potentially, was it executed well, not really, What do you think?


Take a stand! Roundy\’s

Check out this private brand commercial from Roundy\’s they have been airing them for some time now, but if you are not in their markets you may have missed them. Roundy\’s is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin they operate 150+ grocery stores in Wisconsin and Minnesota under the Pick ‘n Save, Copps Food Center, and Rainbow Foods banners. The Roundy’s private brand has more than 2,400 items and the gentlemen in the commercial is indeed their chairman, Robert Mariano, chairman and CEO of Roundy\’s Supermarkets. That\’s commitment! That\’s ownership!

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Cooking with Private Brand

So the one thing you will learn about me is that I love to cook and pretty much everything about food and cooking. My TV is on Food Network by default and my kids can name all the Iron Chefs. They love Alton Brown on Good Eats and my two year old loves to hit the speed dial on my phone for Mario Batalli’s restaurant in New York, Babbo. So my interest in private brand often manifests itself in food or food related products.

Which leads me to Kohl’s; with more than 800 stores they have developed a very aggressive private brand strategy that is heavily advertised and most certainly very expensive. Kohl’s has a long roster of exclusive licensed private brands that includes rock stars and most relevant to this conversation, the Food Network. It features booth Food Network branded product and products from Bobby Flay, Paula Dean and Rachel Ray.
This is intriguing to me as a food lover and fan of the network; the products aren’t bad, although they seem a little expensive. So the question I ask is, “Is the license worth the fee?” Is Kohl’s getting a return on this investment and is the brand making Kohl’s a brand of choice for the Food Network fan or simply the cooking enthusiast? For me, it’s not bad stuff but I still covet a full set of AllClad.

Food Lion

Food Lion – Compare & Save

I stopped in my neighborhood Food Lion, and was reminded of one of the last projects I worked on before leaving. Take a look at this basket to basket Compare & Save promotion. It is particularly effective in the present economy and really position both Food Lion and its private brands as a solution in these trying times. Note the significant savings on the Private Brand basket.

Trade Associations

From the Funny Pages

It makes me wonder, for all the talk of better quality and better taste in our private brands the focus is most often on the premium lines, how are we doing on the National Brand Equivalents?