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Private Brand Innovates in Sustainability

Private Brand has come along way over the last few years and sustainability has begun to play a significant role for Private Brands and the retailers who own them. Trade publication Brand Packaging features several Private Brands in its Sustainable Packaging Design Gallery. The online gallery showcases packages that have creatively addressed their impact on the environment.

Amazon sells hundreds of products under its Frustration-Free Packaging initiative, which requires smaller, easy-open, recyclable and self-shippable packaging. This fall, with its AmazonBasics launch, the retailer added dozens more to the mix. Optimizing the product-to-package ratio to minimize excess material, the store brand employs brown, kraft-corrugated packaging and limits printing to just one eco-friendly ink color; materials incorporate at least 70 percent recycled content. The package itself is designed to be opened without tools, and with all contents removed, in under 120 seconds. In all this, Amazon ensures performance doesn’t suffer: packaging must pass a testing protocol that simulates the environment of delivery systems like FedEx.


  • Recycled materials
  • Source reduced
  • Resource optimized

\"\"ASDA fabric softener
United Kingdom
In January, ASDA stores began testing fabric softener sold from vending machines in reusable pouches, marking the start of a revolutionary retail concept. The stand-up pouches feature a spout, cap and RFID tag and are made from PET/PA/LLDPE plastic laminate. The pouches can be refilled up to 10 times, saving the shopper £0.40 ($0.62) each refill as compared with purchasing the product in a traditional plastic bottle. In addition to shopper savings, the retailer also benefits by reducing its carbon footprint, freeing up shelf space and saving on transportation and storage costs. The trial is still underway, but ASDA reports positive consumer feedback.

Trial Partners

  • Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP)
  • eziserv
  • McBrides
  • Oakdene Hollins
  • Unilever


  • Reusable format
  • Resource optimized

\"\"Tri Ply pans
United Kingdom

UK housewares retailer Lakeland commissioned a design for its Tri-Ply pan packaging that would reduce costs and capture shoppers’ attention. The solution turned out to have sustainable attributes as well. Because the unique tripod shape of the carton closely follows the profile of the pans, it essentially “designs out” over-packaging. The boxes incorporate 100 percent recycled material, and are designed as self-erect packages (no glue), which means they can ship flat. When compared to an equivalent rectangular carton, the smaller box offers material and transport savings of 50 percent. The larger sizes also offer the convenience of a carry-home handle.

  • Package Design
  • Nicepond


  • Source reduced
  • Resource optimized

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ASDA Walmart

Walmarts ASDA Building International Private Brands

\"PrivateWalmart owned European supercenter ASDA is preparing to create international Private Brands that will be sold throughout Walmart’s grocery chains around the world. The first categories to be overhauled will be beer, alcohol, beverages, cereals, snacks and cookies. They will be followed by candy, canned foods, soft drinks, deserts and baking products, vegetables and meat and frozen food in November.

This move comes a little more than a year after Walmart relaunched and redesigned its flagship Private Brand, Great Value. Great Value has been seen in several countries throughout the world including Mexico and India so it will be interesting to see how these new brands interact with the American created Great Value. If Walmart chooses to use ASDA as a development arm for Private Brand throughout the world it has the potential to be a game changer for Private Brands in the US.

Asda’s “Free from” range will be redesigned in December. The Walmart owned supermarket redesigned its premium Extra Special range with new recipes and packaging last year.

Asda global chief marketing officer Rick Bendel told the English trade magazine Marketing Week that the supermarket chain was looking to develop five or six international Private Brands that would be sold globally through Walmart owned chains.

Bendel says that in the UK, Private Brands are part of marketing while in other countries they are seen as viewed as downmarket imitations of branded goods.

He says that Private Brands are more developed in Great Britain with penetration approximately 50%, compared to 15% in other countries.

Asda is also preparing to redesign its UK Private Brands to improve its quality perception, according to reports. The first categories to be reworked will be the beer, alcohol, beverages, cereals, snacks and biscuits.


ASDA Walmart-Fashion

ASDA Debuts Private Brand Asian Clothing Line.


English retailer Asda the subsidiary of Walmart launched a new extension of the Private Brand fashion line George. The new range of Asian clothing comes in direct response to huge demand from Asda customers for authentic ethnic clothing at affordable prices.

The 13 piece collection includes sequin and embellished Salwaar Kameez (traditional suits), Khurtas (tunics), Dapata (scarves) and Churidar (slim leg trousers). The collection has been designed in conjunction with a team in India and is made with authentic Indian material. Prices start from a competitive £7, with a complete suit for £26 – a fraction of the price of independent retailers that can charge up to £60 for similar suits.

ASDA Walmart

New Private Brand Cereals From ASDA


British supermarket chain and Walmart subsidiary Asda\’s recently redesigned its entire selection of Private Brand cereal The redeisign was performed by British packaging branding agency, flb.

The Private Brand features a complete range of cereals. Each package carries unique and highly impactful product relevant brand typography held against a unifying background. The design enables each package to have a unique character while maintaining a unifying and recognizable architecture.

Marks & Spencer

Adventures of Alice. The Private Brand Story.


A nice Private Brand related blog post from “Adventures of Alice.” Alice is a 24, married living in Edinburgh, Scotland, she grew up in a small town in Virginia graduated from Davidson College. Basically the normal grocery shopper living in overseas and writing a food blog.

I don’t have a problem buying Tesco brand Bran Flakes or Sainsbury’s brand jam, but I think twice about it when I’m in the States, and usually buy the brand names, not store brands. In UK stores, sometimes the only option for an item is the store brand. I feel like it’s the opposite in the USA, that there’s always a brand name, but not always a store brand for every item. Stores like Marks and Spencer ONLY sell their store brand! I’ve seen a lot of blogs with store brand items from Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, but we didn’t have those stores growing up. We just had Farm Fresh, Food Lion, and Wal-Mart.

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