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Private Brand Innovates in Sustainability

Private Brand has come along way over the last few years and sustainability has begun to play a significant role for Private Brands and the retailers who own them. Trade publication Brand Packaging features several Private Brands in its Sustainable Packaging Design Gallery. The online gallery showcases packages that have creatively addressed their impact on the environment.

Amazon sells hundreds of products under its Frustration-Free Packaging initiative, which requires smaller, easy-open, recyclable and self-shippable packaging. This fall, with its AmazonBasics launch, the retailer added dozens more to the mix. Optimizing the product-to-package ratio to minimize excess material, the store brand employs brown, kraft-corrugated packaging and limits printing to just one eco-friendly ink color; materials incorporate at least 70 percent recycled content. The package itself is designed to be opened without tools, and with all contents removed, in under 120 seconds. In all this, Amazon ensures performance doesn’t suffer: packaging must pass a testing protocol that simulates the environment of delivery systems like FedEx.


  • Recycled materials
  • Source reduced
  • Resource optimized

\"\"ASDA fabric softener
United Kingdom
In January, ASDA stores began testing fabric softener sold from vending machines in reusable pouches, marking the start of a revolutionary retail concept. The stand-up pouches feature a spout, cap and RFID tag and are made from PET/PA/LLDPE plastic laminate. The pouches can be refilled up to 10 times, saving the shopper £0.40 ($0.62) each refill as compared with purchasing the product in a traditional plastic bottle. In addition to shopper savings, the retailer also benefits by reducing its carbon footprint, freeing up shelf space and saving on transportation and storage costs. The trial is still underway, but ASDA reports positive consumer feedback.

Trial Partners

  • Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP)
  • eziserv
  • McBrides
  • Oakdene Hollins
  • Unilever


  • Reusable format
  • Resource optimized

\"\"Tri Ply pans
United Kingdom

UK housewares retailer Lakeland commissioned a design for its Tri-Ply pan packaging that would reduce costs and capture shoppers’ attention. The solution turned out to have sustainable attributes as well. Because the unique tripod shape of the carton closely follows the profile of the pans, it essentially “designs out” over-packaging. The boxes incorporate 100 percent recycled material, and are designed as self-erect packages (no glue), which means they can ship flat. When compared to an equivalent rectangular carton, the smaller box offers material and transport savings of 50 percent. The larger sizes also offer the convenience of a carry-home handle.

  • Package Design
  • Nicepond


  • Source reduced
  • Resource optimized

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Amazon Debuts AmazonBasics Private Brand.

\"Amazonbasics\"Amazon announced today the launch of a new Private Brand, AmazonBasics. The new brand will be a affordable consumer electronic “basic/value” brand.  Products will include audio/video cables and blank DVD media. It will be interesting to watch Amazon as it evolves from a retailer of brands to a full fledged brand itself.


Private Brand Emerges At Amazon.

This article from the Wall Street Journal on the expansion of Private Brand at Amazon is a great look at the evolving Private Brand program.

\"ChoppingBlock\"At Amazon, Designs of Its Own Inc. is quietly expanding its private-label business in a bid to diversify away from its online bookstore roots and become more like a general retailer.

The latest sign: The Seattle-based e-commerce giant — known for high-tech innovations like one-click checkout and the Kindle e-reader — last month received a U.S. design patent for a wooden chopping block.

The $24.99 Pinzon bamboo cutting board is being sold as part of a line of Amazon\’s own kitchen products on its Web site. It features two surfaces, one flat and the other curved. A curved blade, designed for chopping herbs, is stored inside the block.

In June Amazon launched a new collection of private-label kitchen utensils, designed by Seattle Chef Tom Douglas and sold under his name.

Amazon won\’t disclose any other patent applications, but says it is always evaluating opportunities to patent the designs it develops for private-label products.

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Best Buy

Best Buy Grows Private Brands


In an article published yesterday in the Wall Street Journal it was revealed that Best Buy plans to rapidly grow its Private Brands in the home electronics categories. Best Buy hopes to use their Private Brands to create competitive differentiation and gain an edge over rivals Wal-Mart and Amazon

According to the article sales of Best Buy Private Brand electronics have increased 40% in the last fiscal year. Products should include: GPS, HD radios and digital picture frames. Best Buy Private Brands currently include: Insignia and Dynex televisions, Rocketfish video cables, Geek Squad flash drives and Init electronics cases and accessories.

Over the last ten years Best Buy has seen its share of success and failure including the recall of 13,000 26-inch Insignia televisions due to reports that two had caught fire in consumers\’ homes. As well as the success of a spill-resistant, ruggedized portable DVD player for kids sold under the Insignia brand.

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