PB CAREERS: BJ’s Wholesale Club – VP, Own Brands


BJ’s Wholesale Club – VP, Own Brands

Position Summary
The Vice President, Own Brands will be a new position within the Company that champions our motive of developing a Best-In-Class program throughout the club, one that has tangible financial, category and consumer benefits.

Our ultimate goal for Private Brands is to create a legion of members that not only know, but also love and covet our brands, so that they have a meaningful, even ritualistic place in their lives.

The expected outcomes that the Vice President will be driving towards are:

  • Increased sales, share and margin contribution for PB, accretive to the business
  • Increased loyalty and trackable repeat purchase across key categories
  • Brands seen for their exclusivity at BJ’s and acting as true points of difference
  • Getting clear “member credit” for our quality consideration and investment

To accomplish these broader objectives, the Vice President, Private Brands will be responsible for the following functional areas:

  • The brand strategy, positioning and design; ensuring that every product lives up to the overarching mission of Berkley & Jensen and Wellsley Farms
  • The marketing support; delineating the communication, promotional and overall marketing tactics for growing the brands
  • Category development; working collaboratively with DMMs/Buyers to identify and propagate the right items from concept to execution
  • Analytical support; Utilizing the right member data and syndicated information to identify opportunity areas and report progress
  • Quality assurance; Ensuring the supplier base is living up to our high quality consideration throughout the portfolio

Key Objectives
The Vice President, Own Brands will:

Develop and execute a considered Private Brands strategy by creating the right marketing, analytical and category development support that grows the PB business to 20% share over the next three years. Nested within the plan, create shorter-term actionable Key Category strategies designed to address “opportunity gaps” versus rest of market.

Create a selection and category development strategy with the DMMs to enter additional product verticals and play more strongly within destination, highly consumable categories.

Ensure that there is a clear marketing strategy, both by Department and by Consumer Segment, to support Private Brands. Create the right analytical foundation for identifying consumer and category successes.

Act as the champion for Best-In-Class private brand ideas, from within the channel (especially Costco), but also with a broader view of supplier and key category best-in-class examples.

Build, cultivate and nurture a top-notch team with strong ownership and deep functional knowledge of department, financials and growth strategies.

Create cross-functional alignment throughout BJ’s Marketing, Operations, Procurement & HR departments so that all key constituents partner and drive towards higher order PB objectives.

Create and lead the $10 Million+ marketing budget so that it maximizes sales, support and communication for Private Brands. Track progress towards organization’s goals vigorously. Lead the year-on-year share, new product and repeat purchase metrics for BJ’s.

Engage the lead suppliers in the continuous improvement across the supply chain, ensure that they uniformly understand BJ’s Private Brands vision, create top-to-top forums hand-in-hand with DMMs, and develop dialogue about new ways to elicit innovation, eliminate waste and scorecard performance.

Strengthen the understanding and cultivate strong relationships with the Private Brands supplier network, and actively guide DMMs with specific supplier insights, capabilities, strengths and weaknesses as they search for new products.

Ideal Candidate Profile
Educational Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree; MBA preferred


  • The ideal candidate will have both a retail and CPG marketing foundation to his or her career.
  • They will have experience managing and motivating cross-functional teams of 10+ people. They will understand the strategic relationship across analysis, marketing, design strategy, quality and product development in bringing a Brand to life and have acted as the fulcrum for driving all of these functions throughout a CPG or Retail organization.
  • They will have had direct P&L responsibility over a large division or brand, with a proven ability to create, manage and drive both an annual and overarching strategic plan for the business.
  • They will have a proven ability to work across departments outside their direct responsibility such as Procurement, Merchandising and Operations, driving action with their peer groups proactively and collaboratively.
  • They will have a proven facility for doing “more with less”, for thinking differently and knowing how to bring new ideas to organizations, especially those that are best-in-class.
  • They will have demonstrated throughout their career an ability to manage change and deal with adversity with grace and cultural acuity, building strong partnerships with suppliers and teams, all in a rapidly evolving results-driven organization.

TO APPLY FOR THE ROLE CONTACT: Nichole Larracey, Senior Recruiter, 774.512.7499,


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