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Mothercare Introduces Innosense & Innovates Baby Feeding

\"Innosense\"British baby and mom retailer Mothercare has released an innovative new Private Brand of baby feeding products and accessories. The new brand Innosense was created by the design agency Pearlfisher who created the brand strategy, name, tone of voice, brand identity and packaging for Innosense, a carefully researched and expertly developed range of practical feeding products for babies. The Innosense range consists of everything mothers need to feed the way that comes most naturally to both mother and baby. With 36 products (31 in the UK) in the complete range, Innosense is a global brand in its own right and has been created following three years of insight, vision and passion.

Mothercare’s innovative Innosense bottle has an off-centred nipple making it easier to keep the nipple full of milk while hardly tilting the bottle at all. This results in a natural and relaxed feeding angle; with parents confirming that their babies fed more comfortably and the bottle helped reduce gas.

The tone of voice and design aesthetic combines this innovative functionality with the care and warmth of the values behind the Innosense range. The brand name and tagline ‘feeding from a new angle’ reflect the empathy and intelligent adaptability of the products.

Commenting on the brand identity and packaging, Sarah Butler, Deputy Creative Director at Pearlfisher comments: “We have created a logotype that plays homage to the famous ‘m’ Dolly logotype, a strong equity at the core of the Mothercare brand. The packaging design incorporates black and white baby photography, providing an aesthetic that is modern and striking whilst still caring. The secondary packaging structure reflects the bespoke curves in the Innosense bottle design.”

Alexa Lundin, Mothercare’s Head of Brand said “At Mothercare we’ve been helping to feed babies for generations so for us to design and produce a feeding range seemed like a natural step.  We are delighted with the range, coupled with the branding, tone of voice and packaging we believe this is a truly unique and innovative range to help parents feed their babies in a way that is most natural for them.”

The Innosense range is available now in Mothercare UK stores and online at  Launching internationally in February & March 2013.


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