Asda Launches Chosen by Kids

\"ASDAWalmart-owned British retailer Asda has begun rollout of a 180 skus Private Brand for children, called ‘Chosen By Kids’. The new line is a sub-brand of Asda\’s ‘Chosen By You’ brand, products will include golden syrup-flavored porridge pots, mini tomato wraps, snacks and microwaveable ready-meals, including a spaghetti and meatball meal containing \’hidden vegetables\’.

\"asdaThe new products were blind taste-tested by thousands of children and comply with HFSS (High Fat, Salt and Sugar) guidelines. Young taste testers between the ages of four and eight were given special ‘Yum’ and ‘Yuk’ paddles to help give their verdict on the new range.

Product development director at Asda, Gail Paddy, said, “We\’ve spent many hours talking and listening to mums\’ mealtime woes and it seems that a lack of time and fussy kids refusing to eat their greens causes the biggest teatime troubles.”

She continued, “For the first time ever, mums and their kids get to have their say on a range that ticks all the boxes – tasty, affordable and convenient and packed full of goodness – something that appeals to both mums and kids alike.”

The new packaging for the brand features images of seven brightly colored monsters, which can be downloaded by tech-savvy youngsters using QR codes.

The brand follows on the success of the Chosen By You brand, which launched in 2010.\"ASDA \"ASDA \"ASDA


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The Grocer Own Label Food & Drink Awards 50 Private Brand Standouts

\"\"This past month English weekly trade magazine The Grocer presented their annual “The Grocer Own Label Food & Drink Awards.” The 2012 edition was a record-breaking year with over 750 entries. The awards reward the most outstanding UK products in Private Brand. The winners in the fifty categories were a veritable who’s who of British grocery retailing and included: Aldi, Asda, Lidl, Marks & Spencer, Morrisons, Tesco, Sainsbury and The Co-operative.

Check out the winners.

The unprecedented Judging Process included consumer research conducted by Cambridge Market Research , an independent market research company. The company has a database of 12,000+ standardized new product evaluations conducted through its Fast Foodfax Market Intelligence service covering more than 100 product categories, which is updated every 6 months.

\"\"Check out the rigorous judging process. This is a great standard for competitions.

Each product is tested with a minimum sample of 50 respondents from 6 sampling points across Great Britain. Entrants choose the consumer base most appropriate for their entry from three options: Family, Pre and Post Family, or a range representative GB sample

Tests are conducted in-home under fully controlled conditions and are evaluated individually having been prepared in the normal manner.

After assessing pre-trial interest and visual appearance, the product is tasted and rated on a number of key measures covering Taste, Texture, Packaging, Value For Money and Post-Trial Would-Buy Intention.

Each product was then rated on its level of originality and its relevance to the consumer.

Individual characteristic and overall product ratings out of a maximum of 50 are defined for every product and reviewed in the context of a database of two sets of norm scores:

The ratings achieved by similar products in the previous two years of testing for The Grocer Own Label Excellence Awards and the current Fast Foodfax database of innovations tested in that category of products.

Entries going forward to the 2nd stage expert panel judging were evaluated by an expert panel of judges drawn from a range of disciplines.

Each successful entrant was then evaluated on the following criteria: taste, texture, appearance, packaging, value and clarity of labeling.

Products were prepared in professional kitchens in London, where the judges factor the consumer judging scores together with their own informed opinions select the winner for each category.

A summary report for every entrant 

A one-page report was prepared for each entry incorporating these ratings and a written analysis – including illustrative verbatim consumer feedback – complete with a summary consumer verdict. This was reviewed and used as the basis for defining which products go forward to the stage 2 product evaluation by an expert panel of judges.

After the winners have been announced, all entrants are provided with a copy of this report. Cambridge Market Research is happy to interpret these findings with each entrant, exploring any diagnostic feedback that may help in future product development and optimization.


Private Brand Is Right On Trend, George at Asda

\"\"The groundbreaking Private Brand from British Walmart subsidiary Asda, George has found that shoppers are turning to the \’lipstick effect\’ to lift their mood and are buying great value bright colored clothing, with colored womens jeans counting for over a third of all denim sales. This should come as no surprise to American readers as Target and a number of other retailers have recently introduced advertising and products that feature brighter color palettes

With a tough economy and families £9 per week worse off, a survey of 2,000 customers reveals they are buying low-cost colorful items to cheer themselves up.

Almost three quarters of shoppers are spending up to £20 on colorful clothes to lift their wardrobes and their spirits; and 50% of women are spending their pennies on red clothes to lift their mood and boost their confidence.

For 72%, confidence goes hand in hand with what they\’re wearing. Striking red, purple and yellow top the confidence chart, while 88% of under 30s choose sunshine yellow to make their statement. Over 50s prefer to keep it simple with a cool blue (68%).

More than 70% of men have admitted that a lady in red will always turn their head, and celebrities also love the color with the Middletons and Victoria Beckham spotted out and about in red recently. New girl group on the block and bright color champions Little Mix are inspiring teens of a similar age too with George reporting that the colored denim offering has amounted to 82% of all denim sales across George\’ G21 range recently.

In response, George has launched a new range of affordable Private Brand colored denim as part of its latest Be Seen In range, in store and online, including a variety of mood-lifting colors which won\’t break the bank.

Fiona Lambert, George Brand Director commented: \”In challenging times people purchase bright colors across both fashion and beauty to lift their spirits. Customers have told us they want to be bold and steer away from the \”safe\” option of black, and have been looking at affordable ways to lift their moods by buying colored items.

\”Colored denim is right on trend and we have seen increasing sales due to high profile celebrity color wearers such as Victoria Beckham and the Middletons. We predict this range will fly off the shelves as customers choose to express their personalities and feelings through what they wear.\”

The retailer is also inviting consumers to tell them which color they prefer and enter to win a pair of the new jeans.

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British Private Brands Win Design Effectiveness Awards

Good design means good business and unfortunately over the last twenty of Private Brand history good design has been almost non existent and good business meant “knocking-off” a national brand for less. However in the last five years the tide has begun to turn and the value of design and its impact on brand relationships has begun to take center stage. There is still plenty of bad design and unfortunately even more bad or non-existent strategy.

One bright and shining spot in the evolution of the importance of design for Private Brand has been the United Kingdom. Leading that charge across all channels and categories has been the Design Business Association they are the UK\’s most vocal champion of the role of effective design in the creation of business growth. The DBA was founded in 1986 to recognize, communicate and reward the integral role that design effectiveness plays in commercial success.

They believe that the most important way of communicating the value of design is by measuring its true effectiveness. The DBA\’s annual Design Effectiveness Awards are both prestigious and authoritative, the only award scheme that uses commercial data as a key judging criteria. Year after year, winning case studies demonstrate that successful projects require the integration of the design brief with business aims and objectives from the outset. This sets the stage for a transparent and accountable relationship between client and designer that provides the best creative and commercial environment for success.

The case studies also serve to demonstrate the excellent value for money and return on investment that a coherent, well-thought-out and professionally executed design strategy can achieve. In a crowded marketplace, there is no place for one hit wonders; good design and good business are a long-term relationship.

This years awards include a number of Private Brand winners and a couple of prominent agencies who have been at the forefront of Private Brand design: Elmwood and Pearlfisher.

 \"\"Gold Award: Packaging

Asda Chosen By You
AGENCY: Hornall Anderson UK
CLIENT: Asda Stores

Supermarket own-label ranges are often perceived to imitate the packaging and content of mainstream brands. Asda, through its brand work with Elmwood, identified an opportunity to relaunch their mid-tier private label range to improve quality perception and to create a brand in its own right.

\"\"The Core played a pivotal role in creating the new brand identity, Chosen By You, developed brand guidelines and trained other agencies for the roll-out across the entire range of more than 6,000 products. They developed a design framework that unified the range from dishwasher tablets to tea bags, making a bold statement about Asda’s focus on enhancing quality and driving product innovation while keeping prices low. Since the launch, Chosen By You has driven Asda’s quality perception and has achieved significant sales and market growth. Asda is now leading the market with own-label growth at +8.4% YoY, and is now first for growth of the Big 4 supermarkets.

\"\"Bronze Award: Corporate/Brand Identity

Boots Laboratories
AGENCY: Creative Leap
CLIENT: Alliance Boots

Boots Alliance were looking to launch a master brand and product portfolio that would be credible within the international independent pharmacy retail market. Boots was a relatively unknown brand outside the UK, and at best pharmacists thought of Boots as providing ‘drugstore’ health and beauty products.

\"\"Creative Leap were asked to create the new master brand to enhance Boots’ international reputation. Building on the brand’s heritage and the existing levels of awareness, the classic and simple Boots Laboratories positioning accurately reflects its scientific and healthcare credentials. A number of product range brands were also developed under the main identity

\"\"Since the initial launch of six products in one market, within just two years the brand has grown to embrace 32 products in four markets. It achieved ROI in just one year and its overall retail value is more than €15 million MAT. There are further expansion plans firmly in place for 2012, including a distribution agreement with Proctor & Gamble.


Private Brand at Wal-Mart’s Asda Outpaces Sainsbury

\"\"According to an article published yesterday by Bloomberg, Asda Walmart’s English grocer has surpassed rival Sainsbury in the U.K. market for Private Brand market share.
Chief Executive Officer Andy Clarke was quoted “For the first time in our history, our private-label market share is ahead” of Sainsbury, the executive said in a speech at the IGD conference in London. “And we’re only building on that momentum.”
Last year Asda redesigned, upgraded and relaunched its National Brand Equivalent Private Brand “Chosen By You” including more than 4,000 products. The brand is now the fastest-growing Private Brand in the U.K., Clarke said.