Lorena Garcia Says Hi!

\"lorenaI haven\’t spoken much of exclusive private brands bu there are many retailers that use this as a significant if sometimes expensive part of their strategy. Target is well known for its many exclusive brands often generated from relative unknowns who Target is able to build to stardom. Michael Graves although widely respected by design and architecture afficionados was relatively unknown to Mom and Dad America. Kohls follows a similar strategy but uses extremely relevant musicians and skateboarder to lend credility and creat relevant brands. Vera Wang now has everything from handbags to skirts to bediing in Kohls, not cheap. Are they all worth the investment given Kohl\’s very active discounting?

Charlotte is home to the corporate headquarters of the largest privately held department store chain, Belks. They have also utilized several exclusive brands with licensing agreements. Here is their home decor cooking brand Lorena Garcia.  According to her website she is one of america\’s leading latina chefs with multiple tv credits. I am not sure I get stretching a latina chef from cookware to bath towels, but maybe it works?