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Amazon Teases A Mystery Private Brand Event


Online retailer Amazon posted a video to YouTube on Wednesday teasing an upcoming Private Brand product launch event for what is rumored to be a 3D smartphone.

The video is minimal at best but still features enough clues to keep the aspiring Sherlock guessing. Including user reactions like, “Whoa”. “I\’ve never seen anything like this.” or “it\’s very real life and incomparable to anything I have seen.”

The video was accompanied by a website on which anyone with an account can register to attend the June 18 event. The invite request page features a picture of what looks like an Amazon Private Brand phone with a black body. It remains to be seen whether the launch will extend the wildly popular Kindle or Fire brands or introduce a new name to Amazon’s portfolio of Private Brands. Wither way Amazon continues to raise te bar for the development and promotion of retailer owned brands.


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