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A Conversation with Karen Stuckey, the SVP of Private Brands & Sourcing, Walmart

\"\"Take a few moments to listen to this great podcast featuring an interview by Anne Mezzenga, founding partner of Red Archer Retail with Karen Stuckey, the SVP of Private Brands & Sourcing for Walmart

The podcast is part of Anne’s new Omni Talk by Red Archer series, the Women’s Retail Collective Podcast in association with the Network of Executive Women

Stuckey has had an incredible career in retail, starting in Chicago as a store manager at the Limited on Michigan Avenue to her current role at Walmart as SVP of Private Brands. Karen’s years of experience working on brands from Sara Lee to Target to Montgomery Ward have shaped how she and her team at Walmart are developing private brands for one of the largest retailers in the world.

Karen’s spent years building brands that customers can trust, along with the teams to create them, and she goes into detail about the art and science involved in doing so. One of her most important takeaways from the podcast is the sage advice she has for those working in retail and trying to build the brands that meet customers’ needs.

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