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Target, Why Pay More?

Christopher Durham November 8, 2009 2

This weeks Target circular (November 8-14 2009) features its new brand Up & Up in a full-page price comparison to national brand. This is a not a new tactic for Target, I have written

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Up & Up a Closer Look.

Christopher Durham October 12, 2009 0

Target’s new Up & Up Private Brand continues to flow into stores and as it does the white packaging and unusual name is beginning to gain significant presence at shelf. Check out a few

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Target TV goes Up & Up.

Christopher Durham September 3, 2009 1

Here is another in a series of Target TV commercials that feature both Private Brand and price. Up & Up toilet paper for $3.29 if they can translate this new brand from price into

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Save Big With Private Brands – CBS Early Show

Christopher Durham August 27, 2009 0

CBS “Early Show” financial contributor Vera Gibbons price compares national brands and private brands, with private brands coming out on top in every category. This piece features brands from Walmart (Great Value & Equate),

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Target Features Private Brands In Ads.

Christopher Durham July 19, 2009 0

The Flyer/Newspaper Insert that dropped this week from Target featured a Half Page block of their Market Pantry Food Brand on page 23. In addition to the Market Pantry products their was  also a

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Target Aims for the Basics

Christopher Durham May 26, 2009 0

This Associated Press article speaks to the changing nature of both Walmart and Target and their reactions to the economy. As posted here, both retailers are placing renewed emphasis on their Private Brands. -

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Target – Up & Up, the Next Chapter

Target – Up & Up, the Next Chapter

Christopher Durham May 20, 2009 11

After my post yesterday on the “Up & Up” brand from Target I took the opportunity to walk our local Super Target and see how far the brand had grown. In addition to that

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Target Abandons Bullseye for Up & Up

Christopher Durham May 19, 2009 0

In a surprising turn of events that was foreshadowed by my earlier post “UP & UP with Target!”.  The questions I asked in that post are answered: Is this the Archer Farms of dry

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UP & UP with Target!

Christopher Durham April 23, 2009 9

After a recent tip from a reader I took a midweek trip to Target, to wander the health and beauty aisles and look for a reportedly unannounced new or relaunched Private Brand hiding in

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