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Private Brand Right On Target

Christopher Durham May 16, 2010 1

In this weeks flyer Target once again puts Private Brand center stage leading off with Room Essentials on the cover and supported by string showings from Target Home, Market Pantry, Up &Up and Xhilaration

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Archer Farms And A Monkey Dwell At Target

Christopher Durham April 21, 2010 0

Target Commercial Starring Beri Smither | MICHAEL FLUTIE’S OFFICE - Watch more Videos at Vodpod. Private and exclusive brands to center stage in this dynamic new commercial from Target featuring Archer Farms, Merona, Converse

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“I would like to see all of us obliterate the language of private label”

Christopher Durham April 16, 2010 0

It is a beautiful crisp morning in Chicago and Fuse started out with a visceral and compelling presentation from Fred Kleisner of the Morgans Hotel Group title “The World Needs Interesting.” It was a

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Target Brings Zac Posen to Private Brand

Christopher Durham April 7, 2010 0

Target is partnering with celebrated fashion designer Zac Posen to create the next limited-edition Private Brand collection for GO International, an innovative program designed to provide affordable fashion created by world-renowned designers.  Known for

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Save Big On Generics with Target

Christopher Durham April 4, 2010 0

This weeks Sunday insert from Target features its now famous prescription bottle and a pitch for $4 generics. This is an impressive use of innovative packaging to drive Private Brand preference. Take a commodity

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Target & Walmart Duke It Out To Decorate Your Home!

Christopher Durham February 28, 2010 0

Private Brand continues to be an exciting subject as the end of the first quarter approaches, this week Target once again features Private Brand on the cover of its flyer and takes it to

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Jean Paul Gaultier Designs Target Private Brand

Christopher Durham February 17, 2010 0

Target is partnering with legendary French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier as the third designer in a series of Designer Collaborations (Alexander McQueen and Anna Sui), a unique program that features well-established designers who

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Rodarte GO International With Target

Christopher Durham December 7, 2009 0

Target is partnering with celebrated designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte to create the next limited-edition collection for GO International, an innovative program designed to provide affordable fashion created by world-renowned designers. Known

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Private Brand Signature Chocolates from Target

Christopher Durham November 29, 2009 0

Target once again delivers compelling Private Brands with its reasonably priced Choxie brand and its newest edition Choxie Signature. This beautiful packaging was designed by the Target in house team. According to the Target

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Target, Why Pay More?

Christopher Durham November 8, 2009 2

This weeks Target circular (November 8-14 2009) features its new brand Up & Up in a full-page price comparison to national brand. This is a not a new tactic for Target, I have written

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