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Go International with Tracy Feith & Target

\"tracy-feith-leather\"Although still a little less than a month away the Tracy Feith for Target collection launches May 17th and Target has released a sneak preview of collection.  If you\’re not familiar with Tracy Feith, he is the surfer turned designer with a fashionable boutique on Mulberry Street in New York City not far from my favorite shoe store Fluevog.

According to Women\’s Wear Daily, Target has tapped the Texas native and avid surfer designer Tracy Feith as their 15th guest designer for the GO International collection. \”Feith described the collection as eclectic, with shorts, swimsuits, tops, jackets, pants and dresses ranging from $14.99 to $44.99. A cropped leather motorcycle jacket lined in a signature Tracy Feith print – at $139.99, it\’s the highest-priced item in the line – was inspired by one the designer made for his eight-year-old son.\”

The Go International Collections continue to be a fashion forward Private Brand commitment for Target, check out my prior post on the last collection.

Hot Target Private Brand Innovations


UP & UP with Target!


After a recent tip from a reader I took a midweek trip to Target, to wander the health and beauty aisles and look for a reportedly unannounced new or relaunched Private Brand hiding in the aisle of my local store. My reader was even kind enough to send a picture…


Here is one image… taken on a blackberry so its not that good… of Up & Up Cotton Squares. Just a taste of what is going on here… notice the phrase \”fair and square\”.  I guess most if not all of the HBC products will have some sort of \”tongue in cheek\” type of saying on it… I would expect nothing less from Target.

The picture is intriguing if not a little fuzzy so my quest was to discover if this \”Up & Up\” brand lived in my local store. And in fact I did discover an assortment of sunscreens, lotions and other HBC items. Overall nice looking packages, competing head to head against better national brands. So is this brand set to fill the role of a better HBC brand living above the Bullseye branded products that live as traditional National Brand Equivalents.

\"upup-trashbag\"A Google search later and the question expands from HBC to a whole lot more. Google had surprisingly few related hits, but one baffling one, \”Up & Up\” branded trash bags at Target. And an intriguing strategy begins to unfold…

Is this the Archer Farms of dry goods, of HBC, of paper products?

Or something uniquely different, the elaborate Target Private Brand portfolio strategy seems to be always in flux, so the true gauge of the evolving strategy will be shelf space and marketing dollars. Stay Tuned.

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Look out Starbucks, Here comes Target, too!


On Valentine’s Day I made a last minute swing through Target, to pick up a card for my wife and she loves Reese’s, so I was hoping to find a valentine related Reeses. I found both at ran across a truly spectacular whole bean coffee. Archer Farms Target’s premium private label brand was featuring the 2008 Cup of Excellence Winner “Guatemala La Benedicion” for $14.99 a pound.  Almost $5.00 more than the average price of a pound of Starbucks. Amazing

Target bought the #2 and #3 highest-rated lots from the Guatemalan Cup of Excellence. These are single-origin coffees from the La Bendicion and San Guayaba estates. In addition they took it to the next level with a elegant tin that not only portrays the Archer Farms brand well but helps to validate the quality and price of the coffee.

My wife love’s a good cup of coffee so I splurged and brought home a tin, along with the card and the Reese’s and it tastes great.


New Target TV: The Reaction!


Over the last few weeks I have posted about a number of topics that have drawn significant traffic and passionate commentary from this Web 2.0 world that we live in. I have begun to discover the combination of tweets on Twitter and questions in Linked in Groups that drive traffic and seem to build a Private Brand community.

I have a tendency to agree with many of the comments below about Target pricing in their new campaign, and the potential for it to degrade their brand, but I am also painfully aware of the recent layoffs at Target so the pressure to increase short term sales must be overwhelming, lets hope they don\’t do long term damage to their brand in the process.

Below are some of the comments in response to my recent post on Targets latest TV commercial campaign.

From the Advertising Professional Group on LinkedIn

Joel Kirstein
Ahead-Of-The-Curve Shopper Marketing/CPG Creative Director
It makes sense and it puts them more toe-to-toe with Walmart\’s tv spots \”rolling back prices.\”

Nubar Nakashian
President at Gotham Graphics
Interesting strategy, focusing on \”competitive\” pricing during this time of economic distress. However, this forces them to adapt quickly to market competition if they hope to capture customers who purchase only on price. It doesn\’t do anything to promote as a total value retailer.

Marty Kenney
President, Martin Stevens Consulting Group
Over the past several years, Target has done such a brilliant job of building an edgy image within the discount store category that price has become almost secondary. With one of the worst economies in decades, they are reminding customers that they have great prices too. Not that this is totally lost on the Target customer, because they still put out the all-important Sunday circular, which is primarily item-price. Make no mistake…that circular drives their sales, not the broadcast.
I have long thought that Target is the best run discount chain by far with superior marketing and store signage. Broadcasting the price story to supplement the fashion story during a time when people are more concerned about value is just another smart move on their part.

From the Brand Gurus Group on LinkedIn

Mark Prus
Principal at NameFlash(TM) A Product Naming Consultancy
A few years ago, Walmart decided they needed to upgrade their stores and appeal because Target was eating their lunch. Walmart blinked, and they hired new talent and got away from their core \”low prices\” strategy. It was a huge failure, which they recognized quickly and they undid pretty much everything they had changed… just in time for the economy to nosedive and have consumers start concentrating on low prices again (result = Walmart is one of a handful of stocks that actually gained in 2008).
As you note, Target just blinked and started featuring low prices in advertising. But I see a difference. First of all, they kept their tagline Expect More. Pay Less. which is a reinforcement of their core strategy. And they are not going to \”Walmart-ize\” their stores, going to a bazaar style of marketing. Target will continue to focus on smart, affordable design…and now they are adding the price level into it. I think it is a smart move, especially since they did it in a \”Target way\” (the ads are clever, visually interesting ads with lots of Target branding).
In the world of mass retailers, Walmart is winning today but I see Target returning to its former glory later in 2009…but in the meantime, Target needed to remind people that their prices are just as good as Walmart.

Phil Granof
Branding and Design Consultant, Founding Partner of Protobrand
If I were running Target, I would reverse engineer every step IKEA makes and apply it to beat Walmart. Affordable design has always been a core value of IKEA, and they rarely blink. In fact, I think Target could really give IKEA a run for its money.

From the Progressive Grocer Group on LinkedIn

Jerry Pinney
Coach, Consultant, Strategist at Jerry Pinney & Associates and Owner, Jerry Pinney & Associates
I believe some organazations will try to put a new spin on generics and try to use generics to drive sales and still protect the Gross Profit on PL. There will be a greater demand for Low Price and good retailers will find a way to deliver. Many Brands will be slow to react and overall PL will grap a few share points.


Big Brands. Small Prices.

\"ora-kiely\"Over the last few weeks Target has adjusted their advertising to reflect the realities of the recession. It has started to air television commercials that are quite unlike anything we have seen from Target in many years. The often-groundbreaking Target brand focused ads have been replaced, at least partially, by more traditional retail ads featuring prices and products and the tagline \”Big Brands. Small Prices.\” They still look great the sell is much harder and they now feature at least one Private Brand product. Most often Target features their premium grocery Private Brand, Archer Farms, with occasional guest appearances by Bullseye health and beauty care products (check out the Bullseye tissues for 97¢) and the value brand Market Pantry.

Target also announced the launch of a home décor collection from designer Orla Kiely.  Ora Kiely is an english designer who has been commissioned by both Harrod\’s and Sainsbury to create private brands for the respected English retailers. The collection features bold colors and patterns Kiely has become known for . The collection includes tableware, storage boxes, and organization products as well as kitchen towels and linens you should see them in stores beginning in Februart.