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Private Label Impact, You Missed It!


The Private Label Impact Conference in Chicago has come and gone and the second day was just as exciting as the first. Yours truly started the morning off with a provocatively titled presentation, “Private Brand: Friend of Foe?” The crowd responded well with a bit of laughter, great questions and one audible gasp.

Diane Tielbur, Senior Director at Kraft, followed with “This Economic Cloud Has a Silver Lining,” an in depth look at Kraft’s consumer insights. The resources available to this level of CPG never cease to amaze me and this presentation was no exception, they truly dive in deep.

After a networking break, fellow blogger Blair McCaw of License to Brand presented, “Next Generation Private Label: Licensing for Retail Executive Brands.” He presented some interesting thoughts on the use of licensed brands in a Private Brand portfolio.

Next up was Matt Walker the Director of Marketing for Cliffstar (juices and functional drinks). His presentation on \”Private Label Consumer Behavior” was significantly more than the vanilla title would imply. He went so far as to say we (private brand manufacturers) are better than national brands. Bravo, Matt, I appreciate the confidence and pride in your products and company, and firmly believe more of our colleagues in the Private Brand world could use of dose of pride.

After lunch came a panel discussion moderated by Dean Lustig, VP, Philadelphia Macaroni. The panel included the newly appointed Director of Private Label for Walgreens, Arthur Reingold; Scott Landany, President of Red Hot Chicago (premium Chicago style hotdogs); John Lazowski, Director of Marketing, ACH Food Companies (national brand and Private Brand spices and gravy mixes) and Manny Valdes, President and CEO of Frontera Foods. Frontera the authentic Mexican brand started by now celebrity chef Rick Bayless whose PBS show, “Mexico One Plate at a Time” has mesmerized both myself and my five-year-old daughter. Four of the five panelist where Kraft alums, so the combination of experiences made for a lively conversation.

The day was concluded by Nancy Coulter-Parker, Editor-in-Chief, Delicious Living Magazine and her presentation “Innovation in Natural Products to Increase Customer Loyalty.” Unfortunately I had to leave to catch a flight; however, I am told it was excellent.

In closing I would like to thank both Amy Kritzer and Amanda Powers of IIR. They produced the show and working with them was an excellent experience. Look for more to come and perhaps another conference next summer. See you there.

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Private Brand Impact Conference – Day One

The first day of the Private Label Impact Conference has come and gone, and I am happy to say it has been a rousing success. A attentive crowd of decision makers from OfficeMax, Supervalu, A&P, Daymon Worldwide, Cott Beverage, Kraft, Pepsi, Interbrand, Coleman Brand Works, T. Marzetti, United, Cliffstar and the Hartman Group just to name a few. The morning started out with a fascinating presentation from Michelle Barry, Senior Vice President of The Hartman Group. Her presentation entitled Private Label: Redefining the Meaning of Brand was a intriguing look at the research and insights the Hartman Group is bringing to Private Brands. Her assertion that “There is no value customer” caused a palpable gasp in the audience.

\"viaroma\"This was followed by a joint presentation from Doug Palmer, Vice President Own Brands, A&P and Perry Seelert, Partner, united* on the “Changing Face of Retail” The presentation included case studies for the new A&P Private Brands, Via Roma, Hartford Reserve and Greenway. Doug was refreshingly honest with the history of A&P and its well-reported ups and downs. Going so far as to say that part of the impetus for these new and innovative Private Brands came from those challenges.

“Sometimes you think about things differently when you (A&P) are near death”

\"tul\"“Retailer Driven Innovation and Branding” was next on the roster with Mike Kitz, Vice President, OfficeMax Brands presenting the evolution of the OfficeMax retail brand as well as case studies on the product innovation and brand development of the writing instrument brand T­ul brand, the organization brand In Place and Infuse the brand developed for fashionable white boards.

The afternoon included presentations from Yasmin Saddiqi of Dupont, “How good Packaging Will Strengthen Your Brand; Trudi-Ann Webster of Cott Beverage, Brand, Price and Packaging Architecture: The Right Mix for Your Customer and a extensive presentation from Thomas Ewing of T Marzetti, Director, National Accounts, Private Label & International, who spoke on, “How Branded and Private Label Can Work Together To Achieve Category Goals.”

The highlight of the afternoon was the presentation from Patrick McCarthy, Senior Director of Strategy and Marketing for Daymon Worldwide. Patrick presented, “The Retailer Private Brand Strategy: What Are they Doing, Why Are they Doing IT and How Your Brand Will Be Impacted.” Patrick called on his experience with HEB, SuperValu and Daymon to address the concerns of both Private Brand and National Brand listeners in the audience. He sounded my now familiar refrain of Private Brand instead of Private Label and told the crowd that best in class retailers where placing Private Brand as a strategic pillar in their enterprise strategies. Exciting, challenging and correct.

The day ended with networking drinks and a great Chicago deep dish pizza at Geno’s East.

OfficeMax Private Label Impact

Mike Kitz, VP of OfficeMax Brands to Speak at Private Label Impact Conference

The Private Label Impact Conference is fast approaching in Chicago, this one of a kind event will bring together CPGs, Retailers, Private Label Manufacturers, Agencies and Brokers to discuss and debate how the new retail landscape can be a win-win for all parties involved. How the upsurge in Private Brands impacts branding and how to profitably coexist. I look forward to seeing you there.

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Speakers will include:

  • CHAIRMAN: Christopher Durham, Blogger, MY private brand
  • Laura Barry, Vice President of Consumer Insight Services, Kraft
  • Patrick McCarthy, Senior Director Strategy and Marketing, Daymon Worldwide
  • Trudi-Ann Webster, Regional Manager Sales and Marketing, Cott Beverages
  • Jane Anderson, Brand Strategy Manager, 3M
  • Deb Hartman, Market Research Manager, 3M
  • Cory Hanscom, Brand Identity Manager, 3M
  • Thomas Ewing, Director, National Accounts, Private Label & International, T. Marzetti Company
  • Doug Palmer, Vice President of Own Brands, A&P
    Arthur Reingold, Director, Private Label, Walgreens
  • Dean Lustig, Vice President, Philadelphia Macaroni
  • Dr. Martin Meloche, Professor, Department of Food Marketing, Saint Joseph’s University
  • Cary Miller, Publisher, Food Industry News
  • Michelle Barry, Ph.D., Co-Author, A Brand Called Hope, Senior Vice President, The Hartman Group
  • Perry Seelert, Co-founder & Strategic Partner, united*
  • Nancy Coulter-Parker, Editor in Chief, Delicious Living Magazine

And a just announced: :

\"Mikekitz\"Mike Kitz, Vice-President of OfficeMax Brands and Product Development. During his career he has helped lead a steady stream of award-winning and business-building product innovations to build brands at some of the world’s leading companies, including OfficeMax, Goodyear, Motorola, Honeywell and Procter & Gamble. Mike has been a champion of driving innovation by integrating deep consumer insights, new technology and new business models, overlaid with great design. Mike led OfficeMax into premium private label through the creation of the award-winning TUL writing instruments line, along with InPlace, DiVOGA and many other new brand launches.   At Goodyear, Mike helped shape the Goodyear Assurance line of tires, the most successful new product introduction in Goodyear’s history. Additionally, he managed 22 Private Brands at Goodyear.  Mike has also had key marketing leadership roles at Motorola, Honeywell and Procter & Gamble.

Mike has been an evangelist for integrating design and design thinking into product development and brand building inside global corporations. He has worked with great design, brand and product development teams all over the world. Mike has spoken on innovation and brand building at numerous global conferences, IDSA conferences and events at leading universities. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a BA in Theology from the University of Notre Dame, and an MBA from the University of Michigan.

\"Officemaxlogo\"Mike will discuss “Retailer Driven Innovation and Branding”

Retailers are getting more sophisticated in creating and driving their own brands.  And, in some cases, when manufacturers will not innovate for retailers’ brands, the retailers drive this innovation themselves.

  • See examples of OfficeMax using best-in-class processes to innovate, create new premium brands, and bring innovation to the marketplace.
  • Discuss ways for manufacturers and retailers to collaborate in innovation and brand building.

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Private Label Impact

Michelle Barry to Speak at Private Label Impact Conference


Michelle Barry, Senior Vice President of The Hartman Group and co-author of A Brand Called Hope will be speaking at the upcoming Private Label Impact Conference in Chicago. Since joining The Hartman Group in 1999, she has managed the ethnographic, retail, trends and innovation consulting divisions of the company and pioneered new ways to leverage professional anthropological analysis and creative fieldwork techniques to help clients\’ efforts in truly understanding consumer behavior and long-term implications of cultural change.

She currently oversees the Business Development, Marketing & Communications divisions incorporating innovation and analytics into business strategy. Michelle has consulted with food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, pharmaceutical and technology companies across retail channels in developing both strategic and tactical direction in today\’s marketplace.

Prior to joining The Hartman Group, Michelle owned a design and branding business and has 18 years in the health and wellness arena as both a practitioner and analyst. With a doctorate in sociocultural anthropology and extensive work in communications and consumption, Michelle has co-authored two books with The Hartman Group: Reflections on a Cultural Brand and Marketing in the Soul Age, and has appeared on MSNBC, NPR, Oxygen, as well as in national and industry publications as a thought leader in human behavior and cultural trends.

Michelle\’s biography courtesy of The Hartman Group

\"ABrandCalledHope\"A Brand Called Hope explores today’s consumer-driven interpretations of quality expressed through principles, values and experiences. Throughout are case-in-point examples that convey how products and brands keep pace (or not) within the context of the current state of the Culture of Food.

This fast-paced, illuminating book offers a consumer-centric approach to redefining the brand to close the ever-widening gap between what consumers expect consumer packaged food companies and retailers will make and what consumers really desire them to make.

Hartman delivers the knowledge, cultural models and insight into consumer behavior you need to reimagine your brands, categories, products and experiences.


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A&P Package Design Magazine Private Label Impact United* DSN

Powerful New Private Brands United at A&P


In this article from Package Design Magazine, Perry Seelert of managing partner of United* DSN, a design consultancy based in New York and San Francisco discusses the work his firm has done with A&P

Both Perry Seelert and Doug Palmer, Vice President of Own Brands at A&P will be presenting at the upcoming Private Label Impact conference in Chicago.

Revolutionizing Retail Branding
A&P Debuts Three Premium Brands That Seize the Day in Private Label

There is an excitement in the air about retail brands and reinventing \”private label,\” and there is lots of speculation about whether or not the economy will create a permanent shift in consumer behavior. I, for one, think our current behavior is a temporary phenomenon. Very quickly our memories will be erased and even cyclical demand in many categories will overwhelm our so-called \”passion for thrift\” and suppressions of the moment.

We are creatures of our current means and current culture, and the media is even a more Pavlovian driver than ever, so having just experienced the greatest recession in 80 years, now look out for the greatest bounce back. And what would this mean for retail brands? It will mean that most retailers have missed their biggest strategic branding opportunity of a lifetime.

I do think there are some select retailers whose more emotional, strategically considered retail brands will remain preferred by shoppers—even when the economy starts to recover—and one of them that is successfully breaking the mold is A&P. It is ironic that A&P, the first national supermarket chain in the U.S. and the first to launch their own brands in 1880, is again redefining the industry with powerful new retail brands.

Read the entire article: Revolutionizing Retail Branding

To see both Perry Seelert and Doug Palmer, Vice President of Own Brands at A&P present the A&P Private Brand story join me at Private Label Impact Conference October 27-28 in Chicago.

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