More From the Raley's Commercial Contest

I wrote about the Raley\’s Private Brand Commercial Contest a few months ago in a post entitled \”Win $5,000 with Raley\’s Private Brand\”.  The contest was extended and here are a few more contestants, it ought to be interesting to see who the winner is. Check out their site and vote.


Roundy's "What's really going on here? Who's cutting edge?"

\"rndyvegetables-copy\"In the February 17, 2009 edition of the Minneapolis – St Paul Star Tribune entitled “Bob-bobbing along” Matt McKinney reports on Roundy’s and interviews Robert Mariano the chairman, chief executive officer and president of Roundy\’s Supermarkets. Several months ago I posted on “Chairman Bob” and the advertising campaign that has been built around him so this interview is an interesting glimpse into Chairman Bob.  Bob and Roundy’s plans to grow private brand from around 4,000 items to just over 6,000, this aggressive growth seems to be indicative of much of the grocery industry.

\"roundys0201_big\" According to Chairman Bob, “We\’ve been on a very aggressive effort to grow our own brand presence. The company used to be a wholesaler, and now is a retailer, so we\’ve been on an aggressive campaign to add things constantly. It kind of plays right into where the customer is.”

By and large the Roundy’s and Roundy’s Select brands exist as traditional grocery private brands competing head to head as national brand equivalents. But as with most retailers trying to find their way with Private Brands and create points of differentiation, Chairman Bob is trying to encourage innovation at Roundy’s. In discussing product development and selection Chairman Bob said,   “It\’s very much market-driven, because we\’re going to go get products off the shelf and say, \”What\’s Trader Joe\’s doing? What\’s Wal-Mart doing?\” There\’s even a great retailer up in the northeast, Wegman\’s, and might ask what are they doing? We\’re going to go outside of our market and outside of our stores and say, \”What\’s really going on here? Who\’s cutting edge?\”

Trader Joes

Cheers! Taste the Trader Joe's Difference

\"trader-oues-beer\"In the last year Trader Joe’s opened several stores here in Charlotte, none of the stores are terribly close to my home, but on occasion, my wife and I wander across town to check one of them out. Of late my taste in adult beverages has shifted from wine to beer so I always pay attention to anything new or interesting.  We have been known to stock up on “Three Buck Chuck” the somewhat infamous Private Brand wine from Trader Joe’s so when I discovered their Private Brand beers I had to give them a try. And overall I would have to say they are not bad. Among the selections are: bohemian lager, hefeweizen, amber ale and pale ale. All produced by The Gordon Biersch production brewery in San Jose, California.

Trader Joe’s is almost mythic in the Private Brand world regularly launching unusual and often innovative Private Brand food products. In a retail environment where many Private Brand products are the same no matter what store you go to it is refreshing to see Trader Joe’s continue to use their Private Brands as not simply a price or margin play but as a true point of differentiation.

Grocers all over the country could take this to heart and expect manufacturers to develop new and original products that really speak to their consumers. Instead of the same Cott beverage cola in every can, instead of the same Ralston cereal in every box, instead of the same gummies or chips that mimic the national brand, they can and should create unique locally relevant products that build their brands and drive loyalty with originality.


Private Brand Craziness from Raley's Customers.

Several weeks ago I wrote the post \”Win $5,000 with Raley\’ Private Brand\”  the deadline is fast approaching and there are a number of videos posted on You Tube. Here are a few I found interesting, sad or just silly. The first is my favorite, I just think it\’s funny. Customers will vote on the videos after the deadline.


Win $5,000 with Raley's Private Brand


Take a look at this great promotion from Raley\’s ! This kind of promotion has been around awhile from the national brands, but I have never seen it from a Private Brand.  It\’s pretty daring from a grocer, it could expose them to consumer criticism. We\’ll see how well it works, I will let you know who the winner is and post the video when it is released.

Here is the press release from Raley\’s

WEST SACRAMENTO, Calif. ­ Raley\’s is hosting a call for commercials among customers with a huge prize up for grabs. Customers simply create a homemade commercial about Raley\’s private brands (or why they love them, how they use them) and the grand prizewinner will get a $5,000 shopping spree to Raley\’s!

To enter, follow three simple steps:

  1. Create an original 30-second commercial using Raley\’s Fine or Fresh brands or Nob Hill Trading Co. products and come up with a clever name for the submission.
  2. Post the commercial to a publicly accessible video share website (like You Tube, for example), or save the entry on a readable digital format, like a CD or DVD, and mail it in to the address provided on the entry form.
  3. Fill out the entry form on, with directions on where to find your submission (either provide the link to your video or print the form and mail it with your entry).

Entries are accepted now through Jan. 31, 2009. The grand prize will be awarded in Raley\’s gift cards, so customers can redeem the prize on groceries, fuel, household needs and more at their local store. Gift cards are accepted at Raley\’s, Bel Air Markets and Nob Hill Foods stores.

Subscribers to Raley\’s weekly e-newsletter ­ TableTalk ­ will choose the winning video from the top three contenders, so if you haven¹t registered your e-mail address on with TableTalk for weekly e-coupons, now¹s the time! Make sure you too can cast your vote ­ sign up for TableTalk on

To read official rules and find more information about the contest, visit