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Will Private Brand Win Share of Stomach?


This press release from Mintel takes a look at Private Brand trends and growth. It points to several interesting trends on the higher end that could be differentiators for retailers as the economy improves. An demonstrates that share of stomach is a significant measure as grocers and resteraunteurs battle for food dollars.

Private Label Products Not Just for Penny Pinchers

Mintel GNPD: private label food manufacturers focus on quality, convenience, health

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–It’s not your grandma’s generic peanut butter. Mintel GNPD reports that amid rampant private label food product development, manufacturers stay current with the latest food trends. Providing more than just cheap alternatives to national brands, the newest private label foods woo shoppers with premium ingredients, portability and health benefits.

So far in 2009, Mintel GNPD has seen nearly 1,800 new US private label foods appear on retail store shelves: 27% of all food products introduced this year. In 2005, private label foods comprised only 13% of new food product launches.

“Not only have private label introductions increased, but product innovation is reaching unprecedented highs,” states Krista Faron, senior analyst at Mintel. “Retailers no longer only launch ‘me-too’ products to compete against major national brands. Instead, private label lines are hotbeds of creativity, driving markets and establishing themselves as trend leaders.”

As over half of Americans try to spend less at restaurants, Mintel sees private label retailers creating premium in-home meals that boast restaurant quality and fresh ingredients. Supervalu’s Culinary Circle, for example, features an upscale Pork Carnitas Enchilada Casserole, while Wal-Mart claims fresh-baked taste in minutes with Sam\’s Choice Thin Crust Pepperoni and Canadian Bacon Pizza.

Portable, high-quality lunches are another hot area of private label development, reports Mintel’s Krista Faron. People want to save money by lunching at the office, and new private label foods like Safeway’s Rice Noodle Soup Bowl (retailing for just $1.55) make desk-dining easy and enjoyable.

Convenience remains a driver for private label prepared foods, but Mintel GNPD sees health and nutrition increasingly influencing product development. Lucerne Foods gives shoppers convenience, nutrition and private label pricing with its Eating Right brand. Products span the store, including kids’ Whole Wheat Mini Ravioli with fiber and protein, plant sterol-fortified Apple Cinnamon Granola, and Light Ice Cream Cups containing probiotics.

“Private label manufacturers realize ‘value’ means more than ‘low price’ to consumers, so they’re wisely creating new products that deliver on some of today’s most exciting food trends,” comments Krista Faron.

As the recession causes more Americans to cut down on food spending, both at home and by dining out less, private label has benefited: the US market grew 9.3% in 2008 (compared to 4.5% for branded food sales). Mintel forecasts it will grow another 8.1% by the end of 2009.

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Walmart\’s Marketside to Introduce Private Brand.


Yesterday, an article from Reuters announced that Walmart will be testing Marketside Private Brand products in its stores is an interesting news from the worlds largest retail. This combined with last month’s announcement that the Walmart name would be added to Marketside storefronts could shape up to be a significant strategic shift. If they can successfully launch fresh Private Brand product under the Marksetside name the small store could serve as an incubator and test kitchen. Done well it could build brands with significant equity and serve as a catalyst for growth for all of Walmart.

Marketside food items for sale in Wal-Mart stores

Wal-Mart Stores Inc has put on hold plans to open more of its Marketside stores, but the world\’s biggest retailer is testing the sale of Marketside branded food in some of its U.S. discount stores. \”We are testing a number of concepts on home meal replacements and chilled entrees in select Walmart stores,\” Wal-Mart spokeswoman Amy Wyatt-Moore said in a statement on Monday. \”The Marketside food offering in select Walmart stores is an example of that.\”

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Walmart vs. Safeway vs. HEB – Who has the best Private Brand?


This is an intriguing head-to-head comparison of Private Brands from the Texas daily, The Austin American-Statesman, Featuring Walmart, Safeway & HEB brand products. Who do you think wins?

Store brands put to the test

Who has best OJ? Cookies? Ketchup? We sorted tasty from inedible

With grocery budgets stretched thinner than a piece of plastic wrap, store-brand products are pulling in legions of new fans. Major grocery chains spend millions of dollars researching and developing new products to compete with national brands, but how do they compare to each other?

We conducted a blind taste test of 14 everyday items from three of the biggest Central Texas grocery retailers: Wal-Mart, Randalls (Safeway) and H-E-B.

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Brooklyn Fare

Brooklyn Fare Launches Private Brand.

The new 7,000 square foot specialty grocer Brooklyn Fare in Brooklyn New York has developed an interesting retail brand and a Private Brand that not only compliments the retail but also builds its equity. The branding of Brooklyn Fare, focuses on healthy, environmentally sound goods at reasonable prices.


Associated Food Stores Shopper Insights In Action

How love, laughter and Private Brands come together.

The Shopper 360 blog is posting directly from the 9th Annual Shopper Insights In Action Conference being held in Chicago. The following is an excerpt from that blog featuring a presentation from from Roger White, Director of Marketing, Associated Food Stores, Inc.

How love, laughter and store brand products come together.

White discusses how the use of a quirky family attached to Associated’s private label helped to fuel purchases and to create quite a following online via “Mommy blogs” and chatter.

Creating innovative ways to connect with customers is integral to moving your brand forward, with “My Western Family,” shoppers now have a valid, real connection with Associated’s private label, “Western Family.”

By creating webisodes of “My Western Family” they offered $1000 to anyone who was able to finish the ending of the webisodes—they had over 60 entries. Winning entry was done by a high school drama department who moved next door to “My Western Family” as the “Leading Brands.”

Making a drama out of the differences between private labels and leading brands, played out in witty satire. But what other drama must families go through when deciding to purchase a store brand over a leading brand?

Facebook offered Associated more chatter as participants in the $1000 “My Western Family” challenge solicited the votes of friends/family to Associated’s sites.
How can your private brand go viral to aid in store brand growth?

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Here are the first five original webisodes:

The producers of this conference are also producing The Private Brand Impact Conference. As the chairperson of the conference I am able to offer a 20% discount on your registration just for reading this blog use this code when registering PL09CD