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Innovation: the Next Challenge for Private Brands.

\"CulinaryArlington, Va.; Aug. 13, 2009: Despite — or perhaps because of — today’s economy, private label brands are experiencing tremendous success. To enhance this growth, Andrew Abraham, vice president, Our Own Brands for SUPERVALU, will challenge packaging suppliers, contract packagers and designers to bring innovative technologies and concepts to the burgeoning private label sector in a keynote address at PACK EXPO (October 5-7; Las Vegas Convention Center). Abraham will deliver his address on Tuesday, October 6.

In his presentation, “Packaging – A Holistic Approach to Winning,” Abraham will explore four key areas of opportunity where the private brand industry and the packaging supply chain can unite for success: Packaging for Retail Efficiency, Packaging for Communication Effectiveness, Packaging for Brand Positioning and Differentiation and Mainstreaming Sustainability.

Abraham was recently named vice president, Our Own Brands, for SUPERVALU, stepping into the opening created when Mike Witynski was promoted to president of SUPERVALU\’s Shaw\’s division. In his previous role as vice president of Brand Management & Strategy, Our Own Brands, Abraham developed brand strategies and product launches for SUPERVALU’s private label business. Prior to moving to SUPERVALU in 2008, Abraham played a variety of roles at Proctor and Gamble, Radio Shack, Roundy’s and Playtex. He replaces Witynski on the Conference at PACK EXPO schedule.

The discussion will focus on the need for greater strategic alliances between private brand suppliers and manufacturers to provide joint solutions that bring value to retailers through labor savings and a “One Touch approach.” These stronger relationships will also result in packaging that helps boost a retailer’s brand image on the shelf and enhance the consumer shopping experience.

Abraham will also highlight how today’s private brands are focusing on strategic design to project brand personality, effectively communicate value, and compete with quality perceptions of national brands. The interest private brands have in realizing sustainability opportunities – particularly when they can be linked to innovation and first-to-market initiatives – will also be explored.

“A recent study from The NPD Group indicates that in 2008, 24 percent of all food and beverages served in American homes were store brands, up from 18 percent in 1999. Today, 97 percent of all households consume private label foods on a regular basis,” says Charles D. Yuska, president and CEO of PMMI, sponsor and producer of PACK EXPO. “While the recession has played a role in the growth of this sector, consumers are choosing private label brands due to overall value and quality. To continue to spur consumer interest, industry leaders like SUPERVALU are turning to their packaging supply chain partners to introduce products that build brand loyalty with high impact package designs, unique in-store branding opportunities and strong sustainability platforms.”


Aldi Features Private Brands on TV.

Here are a few Aldi commercials that have run in various markets over the last year.This is value production but it is clearly on brand for the discount retailer and features their Private Brands prominently. It is exciting to see a true value grocer commit to mass media and TV commercials for their Private Brands.

A&P Package Design Magazine Private Label Impact United* DSN

Powerful New Private Brands United at A&P


In this article from Package Design Magazine, Perry Seelert of managing partner of United* DSN, a design consultancy based in New York and San Francisco discusses the work his firm has done with A&P

Both Perry Seelert and Doug Palmer, Vice President of Own Brands at A&P will be presenting at the upcoming Private Label Impact conference in Chicago.

Revolutionizing Retail Branding
A&P Debuts Three Premium Brands That Seize the Day in Private Label

There is an excitement in the air about retail brands and reinventing \”private label,\” and there is lots of speculation about whether or not the economy will create a permanent shift in consumer behavior. I, for one, think our current behavior is a temporary phenomenon. Very quickly our memories will be erased and even cyclical demand in many categories will overwhelm our so-called \”passion for thrift\” and suppressions of the moment.

We are creatures of our current means and current culture, and the media is even a more Pavlovian driver than ever, so having just experienced the greatest recession in 80 years, now look out for the greatest bounce back. And what would this mean for retail brands? It will mean that most retailers have missed their biggest strategic branding opportunity of a lifetime.

I do think there are some select retailers whose more emotional, strategically considered retail brands will remain preferred by shoppers—even when the economy starts to recover—and one of them that is successfully breaking the mold is A&P. It is ironic that A&P, the first national supermarket chain in the U.S. and the first to launch their own brands in 1880, is again redefining the industry with powerful new retail brands.

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To see both Perry Seelert and Doug Palmer, Vice President of Own Brands at A&P present the A&P Private Brand story join me at Private Label Impact Conference October 27-28 in Chicago.

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Fresh & Easy Kroger Publix Spartan Foods

Private Brand Marketing Steps Up.

This article from Supermarket News takes a look at Private Brand Marketing with examples from Publix, Spartan Stores, Kroger and Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Markets.

\"SN_logo\"How Store Brands Turn Feedback Into Marketing
Private label is red hot, but even more interesting than its market share is its marketing.

On the one hand, retailers are trumpeting their own-brand value messages, with some — notably Publix — even offering free store-brand-equivalent products to customers purchasing certain national-brand items. The point is to promote product trial.

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Private Brand Discounts at Netgrocer.


New York based the online grocery store is running a Private Brand promotion featuring the Shoprite brand. The promotion features a 25% discount off all ShopRite brand products.