Publix Introduces Premium Private Brand Products

Lakeland, Florida based grocer Publix, announced the launch of several new Private brand products on their website. The products include three limited-edition Publix Premium Private brand ice creams.

\"\"We\’ve got your ice cream craving licked with our three Limited Edition Publix Premium Ice Creams. They\’re a dream-come-true for your mouth, but they\’re only around for a limited time, so hurry!

Don\’t miss our NEW Publix Premium Apple Pie Ice Cream, a scrumptious creation of apple ice cream, apple chunks, and sugar-rolled pie crust. We\’re bringing back Publix Premium Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream, a terrific Publix holiday tradition—pumpkin pie ice cream, buttery crust pieces, and whipped cream.

Last, and certainly not least, Publix Premium Denali Mint Moose Tracks Ice Cream. It\’s premium mint ice cream, mint cups, and Moose Tracks fudge—all in one delicious dish.

They\’re too good to miss so get to Publix and try all three today!

As well as Publix Deli Slow-Roasted Mojo Pork:

\"\"Get more of what you love from the Publix Deli. Our NEW Publix Deli Slow-Roasted Mojo Pork is a flavorful sensation inspired by traditional Latin American flavors of garlic, onion, oregano, and sour orange. We start by marinating a Boston butt roast for 24 hours, then slow-roasting it over low heat for full flavor and extreme tenderness. You end up with a mouth-watering dinner or lunch that’s a far cry from the ordinary.

Try it on a sandwich: Publix Bakery Cuban bread topped with slow-roasted mojo pork, sliced onions, green peppers, and au jus mojo marinade. For dinner, we serve melt-in-your-mouth mojo pork with black beans, white or yellow rice, and a slice of Publix Bakery Cuban bread. You can even buy it by the pound to add to your own meals and recipes—and you’ll want to, it’s that delicious.

Hurry to your Publix Deli and get more of what you love—more flavor, more tenderness, more time left over. Spice up dinner tonight with our new, exclusive recipe on a sandwich, for supper, or by the pound. Hurry so you don’t miss a bite.



How Social is Publix on Facebook?

\"\"Social media and all it’s tentacles seems to have become ubiquitous so it is all the more interesting when it turns out Private Brand trend leader Publix is just now jumping into its first venture into social media or in this case a Facebook page. This article from the Tampa Tribune gives you a look at the basic effort from the Florida grocer.

Publix\’s new Facebook page gets 100 friends a minute

Not many people gain 100 new friends a minute. Publix did on the first day the grocery chain launched a Facebook page.

From the launch at 7 a.m. Friday to 11 a.m., 3,078 people friended the Publix Facebook page which – for now – is somewhat basic for the Facebook commerce world.

There aren\’t ways to purchase anything directly through the site, nor are there special deals for only the Facebook friends.

What the page has are lists of the signature Publix BOGO deals, recipes from the Publix Aprons cooking brand and places for the food-curious to learn about the Publix store brand products.

If people feel the need, they can vote in polls about their favorite sandwiches: Chicken Tender, Ultimate or Cuban.

The Facebook page is actually Publix\’s first venture into social media, and \”we are excited to have a new way to communicate with and engage our customers,\” said spokeswoman Shannon Patten.

Such corporate Facebook pages have become almost mandatory in the retail world as a way to promote a company and offer a secondary customer service connection for shoppers.

Sweetbay Supermarkets already has a Facebook fan page, as do Target, Walmart, Winn-Dixie and The Fresh Market. The Whole Foods store in Tampa has its own Facebook page just to promote news and events at that particular store.

On the most personal level, the pages offer a place for loyalists to profess their love.

For instance, Lyn Hoyt of North Carolina took to the Publix page to profess \”Yeah Publix!! Glad you are in my Facebook stream now. I\’m a fresh pizza dough ball fan BTW!\”

Jesse McMillan of Lakeland declared \”Me n my family loves ur cookies from the bakery there sooo soft n mmmm delics.\”

Some fans become so enamored, they create their own fan pages. For instance, the Publix Subs page now counts more than 176,000 fans. Its stated mission: To celebrate \”The best cold sub ever. The bread is amazing and if you don\’t like Boar\’s Head you are unAmerican√.\”

A few other grocery Facebook pages:

Publix Super Markets —

Publix Subs —

Sweetbay —

Whole Foods Tampa –

Winn-Dixie —

Target —

The Fresh Market —

Walmart –

Source: Tampa Tribune


Private Brands Lead the Way to Profits at Publix

\"\"On Monday Lakeland, Florida based grocer Publix announced a profit of more than $398 million in the first quarter, up 9.3 percent from last year. Sales increased 4.4 percent annually to $6.8 billion, and same-store sales (transactions at stores open at least a year) grew 2.8 percent.

Publix\’s growth in a difficult economy can be attributed to the their emphasis on customer service, a strong selection of fresh foods and Private Brands, effective advertising and executive development.

\”Although the economy continues to be weak, I\’m pleased our strong operating performance resulted in another increase in our stock price,\” said Publix CEO Ed Crenshaw in a prepared statement.

Bi-Lo Food Lion Publix

Private Brand Organically Grows

\"\"The mainstream press continues the tell the Private Brand story framed through the ever present lens of value so it is no surprise to discover this story from The Chatanooga Times Free Press, the twist here is natural and organics.

Organic groceries now in mainstream markets

Want to eat green?

Look no further than your grocery store.

Supermarkets, including Bi-Lo, Publix and Food Lion, are offering organic and all-natural lines for those who want to eat healthier but don\’t care to spend the time or money to purchase national organic brands or go to a specialty store.

\”[Our products] were designed to offer an economic alternative to other all-natural, organic products,\” said Brenda Reid, Publix community and media relations manager, of the company\’s GreenWise Market private label.

A half-gallon of Full Circle milk, Bi-Lo\’s all-natural brand, costs $3.69 compared to the national brand price of $3.99 for a half-gallon of organic milk. Meanwhile, the same national brand cost $4.39 at Publix, while the grocery chain\’s private-label organic milk, GreenWise Market, also cost $3.69. A standard (non-soy) in-store organic milk was not available for survey at Food Lion.

\”When you compare Full Circle as a private-label natural and organic line as opposed to some of the national brands of natural and organic products, there is definitely a significant price savings,\” said Monica Amburn, registered dietitian at Bi-Lo. \”There are so many people now that are interested in going back to a more natural way of life and getting away from chemicals and unnecessary coloring and flavoring, high-fructose corn syrup. So it\’s another option. It\’s adding to the variety and value of items available at Bi-Lo.\”

Full Circle, she added, is a co-op brand, meaning it is carried at more stores than Bi-Lo alone, whereas GreenWise Market is a Publix exclusive. A representative from Food Lion was not available to comment on that company\’s organic line, Nature\’s Place.

Investigation of all three stores demonstrated that offering in-store organic brand products is an emerging trend.

Stores are responding to customer demand for all-natural products. Reid estimated there are just under 100 GreenWise Market products available right now, while Bi-Lo carries about 130 Full Circle items, according to the company\’s category management department.

Both companies are seeking to expand their lines of green food products in the next several years.

\”We have been cautious in releasing new products,\” said Reid, of Publix\’s strategy. The company, she said, plans to open a standard/organic hybrid store in Atlanta later this year.

Source: The Chatanooga Times Free Press


Publix Launches Private Brand Specialty Cheeses

\"\"In December Lakeland, Florida based privately held grocer Publix launched a new line of domestic and imported Private Brand cheeses using the Publix Deli brand. It is the first time the company has introduced its own Private Brand line of specialty cheeses. Currently, nine varieties are available in-store, with six additional varieties debuting later this month and in early February.

Publix will promote the new cheeses with a integrated campaign that includes: the weekly sale ad,, FamilyStyle and Grape publications as well as Apron’s Cooking School presentations and recipes and in-store promotions featuring master cheese makers and wheel-cracking events.

The featured cheeses include:


  • Publix Deli Swiss
  • Publix Deli Parmesan (debuting soon)
  • Publix Deli Mozzarella Balls (debuting soon)
  • Publix Deli Mozzarella Logs (debuting soon)
  • Publix Deli Goat Cheese
  • Publix Deli Asiago
  • Publix Deli Brie
  • Publix Deli Cheddar


  • Publix Deli Italian Parmigiano-Reggiano
  • Publix Deli Spanish Manchego
  • Publix Deli French Brie (round mini-brie wheel; debuting soon)
  • Publix Deli French Brie
  • Publix Deli Danish Blue (debuting soon)
  • Publix Deli French Camembert (round mini-camembert wheel; debuting soon)
  • Publix Deli Italian Pecorino Romano

“Our customers have told us that they are interested in exploring new cheeses with unique taste and flavors,” said Maria Brous, Publix director of media and community relations. “With 15 varieties, we have a flavor profile for every customer, from the novice to the cheese connoisseurs. Our goal is to have trained associates share their passion for cheese with their customers.”

The Publix Deli retail business unit sent representatives overseas to the best cheese-producing regions of the world. There, associates watched products being made, met with manufacturers and sampled dozens of cheeses. In determining which private label specialty cheeses to launch with, the team incorporated customer focus group feedback along with their overseas experience and knowledge.

The company has designed enhancements to their program that will help customers better understand specialty cheeses, including the basic types, the uses of each and how to pair them with wine and other accompaniments.