Price Chopper

The Importance of Endcaps: Mike DeJulio – Price Chopper

\"\"Schenectady, N.Y.-based Price Chopper’s director of corporate brands Mike DeJulio says end cap displays can be an effective and useful tool to promote Private Brands.
In a preview of remarks he’ll give as a speaker at Private Label: The Next Generation, PLBuyer’s June conference in Chicago, DeJulio stressed the immediacy of end cap displays. The full podcast of DeJulio’s interview with PLBuyer editor Chris Freeman can be heard at
“Leveraging end cap displays are extremely important for a retailer in a supermarket chain,” he says. “When [consumers] enter the store, at that point, you really have to have a commitment to corporate brands to try to convince the consumer that it’s the right value and the right quality and the right products to buy.”
DeJulio added that merging private label products with national brands in the display can be the best way to add value.
“The display is really an evolutionary process … If the end cap is merchandised effectively by the category sales, you can take a low-margin national brand item and blend it out with a high-margin corporate brand offer,” he says. “So it’s truly incremental.”
The conference will be held at the Hilton Chicago from June 5-7, and more information on registration is available at DeJulio says he knows what he’s looking forward to from the event.
“New, exciting, innovative ways on how to drive corporate brand sales,” he says.
DeJulio is one of six retail speakers scheduled to appear at the “Private Label, the Next Generation” conference. Selected previews of presentation from those and other keynote speakers will be available at


Publix – Private Brand Never Tasted So Sweet

\"\"Lakeland Florida based grocer Publix’s recently refreshed its Publix Private Brand candy packaging utilizing their often-copied packaging design system, which gives consistency to all of their products and reinforces the Publix brand.

According to a post on the Dieline \”Within the system, we customize packaging according to the product. For this line of candies, we developed an approach that uses playful, tightly integrated design and copy to highlight each of the confection varieties. Every lighthearted illustration incorporates a clear window that lets customers easily see the product. And every package entertainingly demonstrates the unique kind of sweet fun within.\”

Over the last few years more retailers than I can count have rushed to follow Publix down the path of “white packaging” with most producing awkward or sometimes ugly copies of the Publix system. Retailers should walk the aisles of Publix and study carefully they have built an engaging, authentic and powerful portfolio of Private Brands that truly differentiates. Howeer, the devil is in the details – they are certainly not perfect, it is easy enough to find a pack that could use some work, however they are consistently better than most, balance, proportion, kerning, leading, illustration, photography and a quirky sense of humor all come together to create great a great brand. Their system provides the flexibility to adapt to category needs while still creating a compelling identifiable brand.

Still I can’t help but wonder what they are working on, what was once new and unique is duplicated endlessly by Private Brand dopplegangers across the country.

What is next for Private Brand at Publix?


Piggly Wiggly

Seven Swines ‘a Swigging Private Brand Ale

\"\"Charleston, South Carolina based Piggly Wiggly Carolina has introduced a holiday edition of its Private Brand beer Pig Swig. Seven Swines ‘a Swigging Ale pours a deep, copper color while delivering a light, crisp body.  Noble and American Hops balance a touch of holiday spice to warm even the coldest Scrooge.

Seven Swines ‘a Swigging Ale is the third Pig Swig variety to hit the shelves this year (“Pig Tail Ale” and “Pig Pen Pilsner” debuted at the end of May), and the limited-edition flavor will be on shelves while supplies last!

All three varieties are brewed in my hometown Greenville, South Carolina by Thomas Creek Brewery.



Publix Introduces Premium Private Brand Products

Lakeland, Florida based grocer Publix, announced the launch of several new Private brand products on their website. The products include three limited-edition Publix Premium Private brand ice creams.

\"\"We\’ve got your ice cream craving licked with our three Limited Edition Publix Premium Ice Creams. They\’re a dream-come-true for your mouth, but they\’re only around for a limited time, so hurry!

Don\’t miss our NEW Publix Premium Apple Pie Ice Cream, a scrumptious creation of apple ice cream, apple chunks, and sugar-rolled pie crust. We\’re bringing back Publix Premium Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream, a terrific Publix holiday tradition—pumpkin pie ice cream, buttery crust pieces, and whipped cream.

Last, and certainly not least, Publix Premium Denali Mint Moose Tracks Ice Cream. It\’s premium mint ice cream, mint cups, and Moose Tracks fudge—all in one delicious dish.

They\’re too good to miss so get to Publix and try all three today!

As well as Publix Deli Slow-Roasted Mojo Pork:

\"\"Get more of what you love from the Publix Deli. Our NEW Publix Deli Slow-Roasted Mojo Pork is a flavorful sensation inspired by traditional Latin American flavors of garlic, onion, oregano, and sour orange. We start by marinating a Boston butt roast for 24 hours, then slow-roasting it over low heat for full flavor and extreme tenderness. You end up with a mouth-watering dinner or lunch that’s a far cry from the ordinary.

Try it on a sandwich: Publix Bakery Cuban bread topped with slow-roasted mojo pork, sliced onions, green peppers, and au jus mojo marinade. For dinner, we serve melt-in-your-mouth mojo pork with black beans, white or yellow rice, and a slice of Publix Bakery Cuban bread. You can even buy it by the pound to add to your own meals and recipes—and you’ll want to, it’s that delicious.

Hurry to your Publix Deli and get more of what you love—more flavor, more tenderness, more time left over. Spice up dinner tonight with our new, exclusive recipe on a sandwich, for supper, or by the pound. Hurry so you don’t miss a bite.


Marsh Supermarkets

Marsh Private Brands Partner With “Puss in Boots”

\"\"Indianapolis-based grocer Marsh Supermarkets said featuring a Private Brand promotion that gives their customers the opportunity to get free tickets for the DreamWorks Animation film “Puss in Boots.” Customers who purchase $15 worth of Food Club Private Brand products will receive a certificate to see the film, the certificate is redeemable on the Marsh website, through November 30 or until the film is no longer showing in theaters, whichever comes first.