Private Brand Is the Star of the Show at Aldi.

Check out these new commercials from Aldi, they are not groundbreaking but they are definitely on brand. The commercials give a starring role to their extensive portfolio of Private Brands. In this economy they feel incredibly relevant.

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Private Brand Taste Tests Great


This fascinating and amazingly indepth blog post Len Penzo presents a highly detailed look at a blind taste test of ten national brand products and their comparable Private Brand items from Albertsons.

My Store-Brand vs. Name-Brand Blind Taste-Test Experiment

One of the great never-ending debates in the world of personal finance is whether or not name-brand groceries are really worth the extra cost when alternative cheaper store-brand groceries are available.  Furthermore, when it comes to edible products, does the quality and taste of name-brand products always justify the price premium, which can often times be as much as 50%?

Because inquiring minds like mine want to know, I decided to find out for myself by conducting a blind taste test using my very-opinionated family members to settle the question once and for all.

So last week, I headed out to our local Albertsons grocery store with my son, Matthew, and we picked out half a dozen everyday grocery products for the experiment.   To ensure a one-to-one comparison, we only chose name-brand items that had identical store-brand counterparts; package size and item type had to be identical, or virtually identical.

The next step was to convene an official panel of experts to sample each of the items in a blind taste test. For that, I recruited ten members of my family.

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The Challenges of Growth for a Private Brand Superstar.


International discount retailer Aldi is featured in this month’s edition of “PLMA Live!” This interview features Joan Kavanaugh, Vice President, Corporate Purchasing for Aldi, the fast growing retailer with one of the country\’s most successful Private Brand programs.

Joan Kavanaugh answers these questions and many more in this edition of PLMA Live!

  • Is Aldi\’s aggressive expansion creating challenges for its supplier base?
  • What\’s different about the retailer-supplier relationship at Aldi?
  • Are new programs planned for branding and packaging?

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Aldi Features Private Brands on TV.

Here are a few Aldi commercials that have run in various markets over the last year.This is value production but it is clearly on brand for the discount retailer and features their Private Brands prominently. It is exciting to see a true value grocer commit to mass media and TV commercials for their Private Brands.

Aldi Copps Fresh Market Giant Eagle Good Harvest Hy-Vee Meijer-Grocery Pick 'n Save Piggly Wiggly Midwest Rainbow Roundy's Schnucks Topco Tops Markets Woodman's Market

Shoppers Embrace Private Brand

This article from the The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel takes an in depth look at Private Brands. It features Aldi, Roundy’s, Pick \’n Save, Copps, Rainbow, Woodman\’s Market, Piggly Wiggly Midwest, Meijer, Hy-Vee, Giant Eagle, Winn-Dixie, Schnucks, Good Harvest and the co-op Topco.


More grocery shoppers turn to store brands
At 87, Lucille Singer has spent decades honing her shopping skills, and she has advice for recession-strapped grocery shoppers: Buy store brands and cook meals from scratch.

Aldi, a no-frills chain that sells nothing but private-label foods, is Singer\’s favorite place for bargains. But on Wednesday, she was at Pick \’n Save in Brookfield, holding up a can of Clear Value tomato sauce.

\”It\’s 25 cents, and it\’s just as good as anything you can buy for 49 cents,\” Singer said.

These days, more and more consumers are following Singer\’s lead. And stores are responding by devoting more shelf space to the cheaper store brands.

\”People are looking for something much more affordable,\” said Vivian King, spokeswoman for Roundy\’s Supermarkets Inc., operator of Pick \’n Save and Copps in Wisconsin, and Rainbow in Minnesota.

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