Waitrose Debuts TV Competition Cookie

\"AnneYesterday British retailer Waitrose introduced a delicious new Private Brand sweet treat, which scooped top prize in a TV competition run by ITV’s Lorraine. The mouth-watering Ginger and Orange Cherubs recipe beat hundreds of entries to win the chance to be sold in Waitrose shops.

The winning recipe, created by Lorraine viewer Anne Aitken – a 51 year old nurse from Leeds, is a delicious combination of flavors and ingredients including ginger, orange, apricots and sultanas and is based on a traditional Yorkshire recipe which has been handed down generations of Anne’s family.

Anne’s Ginger and Orange Cherubs were officially unveiled at Harrogate branch of Waitrose this morning by Great British Bake Off Star John Whaite live on the ITV Lorraine program.

Lorraine Kelly commented: “I\’m delighted that Anne\’s delicious Cherubs will now be available for everyone to enjoy. We had some amazing entries in this year\’s Lorraine\’s Taste Off competition and I certainly enjoyed \’judging\’ all the sweet treats. Anne was definitely a very worthy winner – congratulations Anne!”

\"WaitroseAnne Aitken said: ‘I cannot believe that my little Ginger and Orange Cherubs are going to be served on Waitrose patisserie counters for everyone to try! I call them Cherubs because my mum used to call us her ‘little ginger cherubs’ – not only are we a family of red-heads we’re also gingerholics! My Cherubs are lovely served warm from the oven with butter, jam and cream and great for lunch-boxes too!’.

Waitrose Product Developer, Tracey Anderson, says: ‘Waitrose customers will love these little Cherubs, you can taste the delicious orange and ginger flavors and the texture is a gorgeous mix between a scone and a rock cake – the ultimate sweet treat.’

Waitrose Ginger and Orange Cherubs, inspired by Anne Aitken, go on sale at Waitrose patisserie counters today priced 79p.

The nationwide competition to find a new sweet treat was launched on ITV’s Lorraine earlier this year. Viewers were invited to send in their sweet recipes with a picture for the chance to have their products sold on the patisserie counters at Waitrose branches across the country. Entries were judged by Coronation Street star Debbie Rush, Alex Hollywood and Waitrose product developer Tracey Anderson.


Sugar Gets Squeezed In Waitrose Private Brand Juice

\"WaitroseBritish retailer Waitrose is squeezing the sugar out of its chilled juice lines by removing 7.1 tonnes of sugar from its chilled juice assortment over the next 12 months.

Starting at the end of March, Waitrose began refreshing its existing lines of Private Brand juices and smoothies, as well as creating a new range of premium juices, all with lower sugar levels compared to previous offerings.

Waitrose are introducing the Reduced Calorie Orange and Apple Juice Drinks, which contain 30% less calories than standard fruit juice. This has been achieved by sweetening the drinks with extracts from the leaves of the Stevia plant, a native South American plant that has been used for centuries to naturally sweeten food and drink.

Four new LOVElife Private Brand smoothies will join the range, each with added vitamins and minerals to boost their nutrient intake. These will include:

  • Yogurt-based Peach and Raspberry for bone health,
  • Superberries for skin and radiance,
  • Orange, Pineapple and Mango for immune support
  • tantalising Apple and Beetroot drink which contributes to 2 of your 5-a-day.

Three new juices with innovative ingredients will be added to the premium juice range, giving customers a chance to try something original:

  • Apple, Kale and Lime,
  • Pink Lady Apple (now 750ml size)
  • Apple, Guava and Baobab.

Sicilian Blood Orange Juice will also be available as part of the Waitrose Private Brand range.

Chloe Graves, Chilled Juice Buyer, said:
“Fruit juices are very popular with our customers and an easy way to get one of your five a day, but can have high levels of naturally occurring sugars. This revamped range reduces the sugar content and still delivers great taste.

“Our aim is to make good food even better as part of our Waitrose Way Living Well commitment and continually bring our customers delicious, healthy foods as we reduce salt, sugar and saturated fats.”

  • Waitrose Reduced Calorie Apple Juice Drink – £1.85/1L
  • Waitrose Reduced Calorie Orange Juice Drink – £1.85/L
  • Waitrose LOVELife Peach and Raspberry Smoothie – £2.39 launching on an intro offer of £2
  • Waitrose LOVELife Superberries – £2.39 launching on an intro offer of £2
  • Waitrose LOVELife Orange, Pineapple and Mango – £2.39 launching on an intro offer of £2
  • Waitrose LOVELife Apple and Beetroot – £2.39 launching on an intro offer of £2
  • Waitrose Apple, Kale and Lime Juice – £1.85 or 3 for £4
  • Waitrose Pink Lady Apple Juice – £1.85 or 3 for £4
  • Waitrose Apple and Guava Juice – with Baobab Extract £1.85 or 3 for £4
  • Waitrose Sicilian Blood Orange Juice – £2.65



Waitrose Redesigns Private Brand Pet Food

\"WaitroseFrom wet and dry food to cat litter and treats, British retailer Waitrose’s range of NBE Private Brand pet food includes 73 products and 14 different categories. London based agency Turner Duckworth was asked to redesign the line to clearly identify protein (food) types as well as simplify navigation of product types e.g. dry/wet food, jelly or chunks etc.

The design uses brightly color coded objects and clear typography to differentiate the food types. The dogs and cats interact with the objects differently on every pack to provide a playful character across the entire range of products.





Tasty Private Brand Sweets From Waitrose


Beautiful Private Brand packaging from British retailer Waitrose. This line of Chilled items, designed by Big Fish, while all different represent a unified collection, each showcasing large and beautiful photography of food on the package.

\"waitrosechilledrange_1\" \"waitrosechilledrange_4\" \"waitrosechilledrange_5\" \"waitrosechilledrange_6\" \"waitrosechilledrange_3\"



Waitrose Launches New Private Brand Diapers

\"waitroseCheck out the newest launch from British retailer Waitrose, a new range of Private Brand nappies (diapers) within their essential Waitrose brand.

“The in-house design gives the consumer easy access to the information they need and a color coding system making it easy to understand at first glance. Each size also has subtle cues to the age and possible development of the baby for the size of nappy.”