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Hip, Hip Hooray! Private Brand Baby From Pams

\"PamsPams is New Zealand\’s largest Private Brand, owned and marketed by Foodstuffs Group. In the last few years after a brand and packaging relaunch, Pams has evolved from being an imitator of category leaders, to an innovative and trusted ‘destination’ brand in its own right.

The Pams Baby range was designed by Auckland, New Zealand based Brother Design Ltd who has created a playful and fun visual solution. It celebrates life’s little moments and the love between parents and children. The color scheme of the line is appropriate for either girls or boys, and is warm and inviting.

Included in the creative solution are rhymes, which relate to the characters and are continued on the back of pack, so that parents can entertain their little ones as they have their diapers changed. The use of illustration in this category creates a unique look. The competitors all use infant photography, which although cute, can be polarizing.



New Australian TV Show Satirizes Private Brand

\"Checkout\"A new ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) show, The Checkout, will debut tonight focusing on grocery Private Brand products that grow in prominence in the Australian grocery market. The Checkout is a new satirical consumer affairs series presented by Julian Morrow and Craig Reucassel that turns consumer TV on its head.
In this week\’s second episode, Craig Reucassel satirizes what he sees as the “Copycat” practices of Australian retailers Coles and Woolworths who keep on undercutting national brands by copying their intellectual property.
Over the last few years the debate in Australia over Private Brand has been a quite contentious issue with manufacturers accusing retailers of deliberately misleading customers as well as giving themselves unfair advantages.
The Checkout airs tonight at 8pm on ABC1 (unfortunately it is only available in Australia) here is the title sequence for the show.

The Checkout TV Show Title Sequence from Duncan Elms on Vimeo.



Ikea Wins Valentine\’s Day With Free Private Brand Crib

\"IKEASwedish retailer Ikea’s Australia operation has a imaginative Valentine\’s Day promotion that awards a free Ikea brand crib for babies born nine months from today. New parents are simply required to clip the coupon and return it with a proof of birth. The coupon also quips, “Delivery not included.”


Australian Grocer Coles Debuts Simply Less

\\\"\"Beginning October 10th, Australian health conscious shoppers can enjoy the newest Private Brand from grocer Coles. The new brand Coles Simply Less is a line of healthier products available at everyday prices. Developed by a dedicated team of chefs and nutritionists, Coles Simply Less provides a selection of over 90 nutritious products that haven’t sacrificed flavor, ranging from ready-made meals and snacks to dairy products, cereals and guilt-free treats.

Coles Simply Less products have been developed in response to Coles customer research highlighting Australians’ concerns regarding both the health of themselves and their family, and the ever-increasing cost of living:

  • Over 70% of the Australians surveyed have attempted to lose weight in the last 12 months, with 1 in 2 Australians still currently trying
  • 86% of Australians want to buy healthier foods and would like to purchase more than they currently do
  • However, almost 60% of Australians are discouraged from choosing healthier options due to price, which they usually find are more expensive

Each item in the Coles Simply Less range has no artificial flavors or colors and will feature clearly labeled nutritional information, including absolute calorie count, making it easier for shoppers to identify healthier options.

“Our research indicated that Australians are looking for a healthier and tastier option for less. With a price point set at least 15% cheaper than the equivalent leading branded product, Coles Simply Less will change this category by proving that quality food does not need to hurt the hips or the hip pocket,” said Simon McDowell, Coles Group Director, Marketing.

The Coles Simply Less range has been tested and researched extensively, ensuring it reaches the Coles benchmark for high quality and a delicious taste. Only the best tasting products reach the shelves after rigorous internal blind taste testing, assessing the aroma, flavor and texture of each product.

Coles Simply Less products include the Sundried Tomato & Basil Chicken Penne ready-made meal, the Date, Sesame and Chia Seed Bars for a snack on-the-go or a guilt-free treat like a Vanilla Caramel Mini Light Ice Cream.

The Coles Simply Less collection includes:

  • Multi-grain cereal with psyllium
  • Date, sesame and chia bars
  • A selection of salads including Seasoned chicken with Indians style rice pilaf and Spiced beef with roasted vegetables
  • A selection of frozen ready-meals including paella, risotto and pasta
  • Vanilla Caramel mini light ice-cream sticks
  • Greek style fruit swirl yogurts
  • Cottage cheese and creams
  • A range of dips, including hummus and tzatziki
  • A variety of fat-reduced dressings and mayonnaises

Australian Private Brands Drop Slightly

\"\"Over the last few years Australia has been a hotbed of Private Brand growth and controversy with manufacturers charging retailers with unfair practices and government officials weighing in on a daily basis. This article from the Australian marketing focused trade magazine \”Marketing,\” the article points to a minimal .7% decrease in Private Brand penetration year over year and ask provocatively if a bit hopefully if Private Brands are faltering at the big retailers in Australia.

Private label falters for first time in 5 years, erodes store loyalty

Private label supermarket brands have faltered for the first time in five years, with shoppers reverting back to branded goods putting private labels’ growth rate into decline.

The finding from Nielsen’s private label study show that while the majority of households buy private labels from Coles and Woolworths, its penetration dropped from 95.5% to 94.8% year on year for the July to September quarter.

The drop is believed to be due to the reduction in price of many branded goods as the price war in the supermarkets heats up, causing consumers to switch back from private labels to now-cheaper branded offers.

It’s been seen most markedly is the biscuit, canned fruit/ fruit snacks and cake/ pies and fresh pastries categories, which fell by 4.6%, 3.9% and 3.1% respectively, according to the researcher.

“There has been a closing of price gaps between branded and private label products recently which is being largely driven by retailer price wars,” Nielsen’s retail industry group executive director Kosta Conomos says.

The findings follow a report from IBISWorld in July which claimed private label sales had surged, particularly in some categories. However, a report from TNS earlier in the year warned of growing annoyance among consumers at Coles and Woolworths for pushing branded products off the shelves to make way for their own brands. Nielsen believes this backlash may also be a factor behind the decline.

The report also found years of battling for market share through private labels had also made Coles and Woolworths shoppers more price conscious and eroded loyalty to the stores themselves.

Consumers now see less price differentiation between Coles and Woolworths, according to the report, but instead viewed lower shelf prices, reward cards and private labels as a given.

“Shoppers are now seeing zero differentiation between pricing in Coles and Woolworths compared to three years ago when Woolworths was largely given credit for lower prices,” Conomos adds.

The proportion of consumers who shop between both Coles and Woolworths have risen to 88.1% in 2012, from 87.9% in 2011, Nielsen said.

SOURCE: Marketing Mag