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Private Brands Are Strategic Pillars at The Pantry


In this excerpt from the Convenience Store News article, “The Pantry to Invest in IT, On-the-Go Meals” the new president of the convenience store chain The Pantry discusses his companies focus on Private Brands in the coming year. The Pantry operates approximately 1,653 stores in eleven states under select banners, including Kangaroo Express. Over the last few months Private Brands have been the buzz in the convenience channel with both Valero and 7-Eleven growing and creating brands.

On the same day it reported weak fourth-quarter results, The Pantry Inc.\’s new president and CEO Terrance M. Marks revealed the convenience store chain will invest in new information systems and comprehensive, on-the-go meal solutions in the coming year.

The new CEO also wants to see more private label items, beyond the new foodservice program. \”Private label is now a relatively small portion of our mix,\” he said. \”And there is a lack of consistency between our private label offer and the name on most of our stores. We need to determine what categories we need to be in private label. There are certain categories in which private label can perform quite well, and others where it is more structurally challenged. But those decisions are center of plate for us right now.\”

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7-Eleven Daymon Worldwide

Social Media and Private Brands on the Run

\"rolemommy\"Social Media, Mommy Bloggers and Private Brand have been the buzz phrases of the last year so it is no surprise that retailers and Private Brands have increasingly tested the social media waters.  This has taken many forms ranging from Walmarts 11 moms to Facebook pages. So when Beth Feldman of Role Mommy hit the road to promote the new book See Mom Run it is no surprise that there was a Private Brand tie in. According to her website Daymon Worldwide arranged Private Brand food sponsors for the book tour. The following is a excerpt from the Role Mommy website

While racing across the country promoting See Mom Run, I have been very lucky that I have not been hungry along my road trip. You see, when I\’m hungry, I get angry and that doesn\’t bode well for a reading with people who want me to make them laugh. So when the folks at Daymon Worldwide offered to provide food sponsors for several legs of the See Mom Run tour, I wholeheartedly said yes and was thrilled to know that when I would arrive at each event, delicious snacks would be awaiting us!

Our first stop in Larchmont featured shrimp platters and crudite provided by Costco and oodles of treats compliments of 7 Eleven. And let me tell you, these days, there are more than just Big Gulps at your local 7 Eleven!. The snacks we savored during our event at Groove included chocolate covered espresso beans (yummy), gummy bears (my daughter loved that one), chocolate covered pretzels (my personal fave), tons of nuts and lots of other snacks that we were able to transport with us on our road trips to Philadelphia and Ridgewood, New Jersey.

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7-Eleven Walmart

Private Brand, \”It\’s a Brand\”

\"ameyers\"Convenience Store/Petroleum magazine recently hosted its CSP\’s 2009 Consumer Insights Forum in Phoenix. The conference featured a series of presentations including one from Al Meyers, senior vice president of business development for Retail Forward, Columbus, Ohio. Addressing the group of about 75 retailers and suppliers, he said that consumers post-recession will still be making \”mindful\” choices, opting to remain frugal in ways they find meaningful.

In his concluding statements, Meyers focused on the boom of private brands, which mega-retailers, such as Bentonville, Ark.-based Wal-Mart, and c-store giant 7-Eleven, Dallas, have embraced. He said companies are wisely choosing not to focus on private \”label,\” which had the stigma of being a second-rate product, but private \”brand.\” He said companies are investing in store brands, improving taste profiles and giving personality to their brand identities.

\”It\’s not just a label slapped onto a product with cheap ingredients,\” Meyers said. \”It\’s a brand.\”

7-Eleven Seven & I Holdings

7-Eleven Wine is the Toast of Private Brand.

\"YosemiteSeven & I Holdings Co began selling on Wednesday two Private Brand wines from California. A Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon will be sold at the more than 15,000 stores worldwide, including 12,300 Seven-Eleven Japan convenience stores and close to 2,000 7-Eleven stores in the US.

The Wine Group will produce the wines exclusively for Seven & I. Experienced, award-winning wine-makers John Willumson and Jim McDonald were called upon to create the new wines.

The new Private Brand wine will be called ‘‘Yosemite Road’’. This is the first of some 10 Private Brand products, which Seven & I plans to introduce by the end of 2010 as part of its global merchandizing strategy.


7-Eleven Convenes Private Brand Summit.


According to an article published yesterday in Convenience Store Decisions Dallas based convenience store retailer held its first-ever Private-Label Summit in Dallas on Oct. 28-29 with the Joe Pinto the President and CEO of 7-Eleven opening the summit. This is a perfect example of how retailers can and should commit to their Private Brands. Top down commitment to Private Brand initiatives is key to the success of Private Brands. Private Brands must become a strategic pillar of the retailer’s business strategy in order to receive the attention and funding necessary to create long-term growth and shareholder equity.

The two-day event provided the company\’s private-label suppliers the opportunity to meet with its category managers and product directors and attend a formal Private-Label forum.

The purpose of the collaborative program was to educate 7-Eleven supply partners about the company\’s business strategy and private-label growth plans.

Sixty people representing 35 suppliers attended the conference, including the first 7-Eleven private-label supplier of food for the company Barrel of Fun, which provides bagged chips for 7-Eleven stores\’ 7-Select brand.

\”We had 100% participation from every supplier we invited,\” said Tom Gerrity, 7-Eleven senior product director recently promoted to oversee the company’s Private-Label program. 7-Eleven President and CEO Joe DePinto kicked off the meeting to demonstrate the company\’s commitment to growing its private-label and proprietary brands.

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