\"\"Discount grocer Aldi Uk has introduced 2 new premium private brand sauces brands created by U.K. based agency  The Black Eye Project. The move follows their long-held private brand portfolio approach, more brands are better.

\"\"The first brand offers a range of relishes and sauces, perfect for burgers. It launches in-store just in time for the summer barbecue season. The goal was to capture the fun of barbecue, with the realness and honesty our shoppers want from their food. The name ‘Just Good Sauce Ltd’ was developed, as it is simple, down-to-earth and a clear description of the products.

\"\"The innocence of illustration supports this positioning, with hand-drawn lettering and quirky characters in simple, striking colors that stand out on the shelf. The logo appears as a drop and is secondary in size to each product name to make it easy for the customer to quickly find what they’re searching for.\"\"

The second brand was for a range of American-themed sauces and marinades to be used in cooking and barbecuing. For this a Deep South sounding name “Skeeter”, and added a block print effect on single color labels. The effect is a bold aesthetic where the descriptive product name is the first element to catch the eye, ideal for a brand whose primary promotion is on the shelf \"\"\"\"

As an actual Southerner, I have to laugh, Skeeter\’s is not something we would actually name a brand. The range is also distinctly not Southern: New York Steak Sauce, Jerk Sauce, Teriyaki Sauce and American Style BBQ Sauce

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