Today, launched their biggest, sweetest, and most extraordinary private brand product ever – the 50-pound barrel of Fruitmojis.

Yes, that’s right. is selling a 50-pound, 20-gallon barrel of our Prince & Spring Fruitmojis.

And yes, the product is the size of a small child… Some other fun comparisons…

The fruitmojii barrel weighs as much as:

  • A small bale of hay
  • A border collie and house cat combined
  • 5 medium-sized bowling balls
  • 5 house cats
  • 2 car tires and a large bag of sugar
  • A microwave oven and two bags of flour
  • Ten average-sized table lamps
  • 10 Chihuahua dogs

The 50-pound barrel of Fruitmojis contains the equivalent of ~17 boxes of fruit snacks (1,000 pouches) it retails for $100 (10¢ per pouch)

The new “gigantic” private brand product has a shelf life of up to 14 months, which makes it ideal schools, camps, sports teams, hungry college kids or the ultimate Halloween.To learn more about and their private brand Prince & Spring join us in Lisbon, Portugal for Velocity Europe, October 21-23, 2019 where Jeff Gamsey SVP of Private Brands and Anslee Deluca Prince & Spring Brand Manager will take the stage.  

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