ACE Hardware Automates Sourcing, Quality & Product Development

    Ace Hardware has selected and gone live with the CBX Software Cloud Platform, to streamline global private brand product development, sourcing operations, vendor collaboration and quality assurance. The retailer was seeking a solution to streamline the process from the product planning phase through the placement of a vendor purchase order.

    The CBX platform allows buyers and vendors to be more productive throughout the RFQ process, saving hours by only working on what is required at a given time. In addition, the platform allows customs compliance managers the ability to validate requirements such as tariff codes and related information much earlier in the sourcing process; uncovering erroneous information earlier means having the time to identify an alternative item/vendor for a given category plan, resulting in decreased supply chain cost and increasing margin.

    Eric Linxwiler, Senior Vice President of CBX Software

    “Ace Hardware offers a wide variety of DIY products across several categories placing significant pressure on their domestic and international supply chain. Businesses of this type face a number of complex issues around costing, supplier optimization, quality and compliance,” said Eric Linxwiler, Senior Vice President of CBX Software. The CBX platform helps to bridge these gaps, while our support team provides around the clock, worldwide support; allowing different teams to collaborate effectively anywhere, anytime.  Ace Hardware’s decision validates our commitment to long term investment in the US market and we are extremely excited to have them join our distinguished list of customer partners.