Lidl Germany Debuts Street Food Private Brand

Exotic scents on every street corner, taste sensations on every corner and sometimes crossing culinary borders – this is why street food has found its way from the food stalls of distant countries to food trucks at festivals and markets around the world. Discount grocer Lidl Germany has introduced the new private brand “My Street Food” designed to take advantage of the rapidly growing trend.

My Street Food launches on August 1, 2019. Products include:

  • “My Street Food” Colored Burger Buns: Yellow Hot Chicken, Black Steakhouse and Red Bacon Pork
  • “Eat Grub” insect snacks: crispy roasted crickets in Sweet Chili Lime or BBQ (in selected stores)
  • “My Street Food” Bitie Balls in the flavors Asia Style with Hot Chili Dip and Falafel with Hummus Dip
  • “My Street Food” Toast Pocket Snacks Indian and Cowboy Style
  • “My Street Food” chutneys and sauces with flavors like Bacon Beans, Indian Chickpea Curry, and Smoked Leek Tomato
  • “My Street Food” Croduts Schoko (in selected stores)
  • “My Street Food” wraps in vanilla cherry and chocolate banana
  • “My Street Food” Cookie Dough in the classic cup, with chocolate mint, double choc and dark with chocolate chips