Amazon has once again extended its name to a new sub-brand AmazonCommercial. The newly minted private brand range includes 9 SKUs of commercial paper products. The language used on the Amazon website describes the brand “AmazonCommercial creates value for businesses by providing professional-grade, cost-effective products.”

AmazonCommercial gives the retailer a powerful addition to its private brand portfolio that is designed to speak directly to the business-to-business sector. It’s easy to imagine this brand expanding to fill all of the supply needs of the average business from janitorial supplies to office paper and breakroom supplies (coffee, snacks, disposable cups, etc.)

The move puts them in direct competition with Staples, Office Depot/Max, Grainger and Uline who each have significant customer bases in this space.

The current range includes:

  • AmazonCommercial Facial Tissue Cube Box, 95 Sheets per Box, 36 Boxes, $42.99
  • AmazonCommercial Ultra Plus Toilet Paper, 400 Sheets per Roll, 80 Rolls, $39.9
  • AmazonCommercial Facial Tissue Flat Box, 100 Sheets per Box, 30 Boxes, $24.49
  • AmazonCommercial Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper, 700 Feet per Roll, 12 Rolls, $25.00
  • Amazon commercial Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper, 1000 Feet per Roll, 12 Rolls, $41.99
  • AmazonCommercial Hard Roll Towels, 800 Feet per Roll, 6 Rolls, $39.98
  • AmazonCommercial Ultra Plus Toilet Paper 400 Sheets per Roll, 24 Rolls, $19.49
  • AmazonCommercial Multifold Paper Towels, 250 Towels per Pack, 16 Packs, $33.38
  • AmazonCommercial Center Pull Towels, 600 Towels per Roll, 6 Rolls, $38.99