Jumbo Commits to Sustainable Milk

Dutch retailer Jumbo is the first supermarket chain to introduce daily fresh milk and yogurt with the 1-star Beter Leven quality mark. The new quality mark for dairy products – developed by the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals in cooperation with Bird Protection Netherlands and Nature & Environment – pays full attention to animal welfare, nature and the environment with fundamental requirements for a better life for all animals in and around the farm: cow, calf insects, bees, butterflies and farmland birds. By introducing the 1-star Beter Leven quality mark on dairy, Jumbo is further expanding its private brand range of more sustainable dairy products. With this, Jumbo is taking the next step to realizing its ambition: by 2022, only more sustainable milk products on the shelves. 1 star Better Living on dairy also fits in with Jumbo’s pioneering role in animal welfare.

The dairy private brand dairy line consists of five new products with the 1 star Beter Leven label: semi-skimmed milk (1 liter and 1.5 liters), whole milk, low-fat yogurt, and whole yogurt. Products with the Beter Leven quality mark are now available at all Jumbo stores.

Olaf de Boer, director of Buying & Merchandising at Jumbo

With the addition of the 1-star Beter Leven quality mark, Jumbo provides an ever-wider range of more sustainable dairy products to suit the wishes of the customer. “In the Netherlands we love dairy, we notice that every day at Jumbo. We also see that our customers increasingly make a conscious choice and take the impact on humans, animals, and the environment into account in their choice. With the introduction of 1-star Beter Leven milk and yogurt, we help our customers to make a more sustainable and animal-friendly choice,” says Olaf de Boer, director of Buying & Merchandising at Jumbo. “From our pioneering role in animal welfare, we already sell many products with the Beter Leven quality mark, such as fresh meat, eggs, snacks, and meat products. We continued on that route. From the first hour, we have been involved in the development of the 1-star Beter Leven quality mark on dairy and we sat at the table with the dairy processor and dairy farmers. We are extremely proud that we are the first supermarket chain to be able to offer dairy with this quality mark. Better for the cow, farmer, nature and the environment and our customer! ”

Better life for all animals and a richer nature
Thanks to the cooperation between Animal Protection, Bird Protection Netherlands and Nature & Environment and with dairy farmers, the dairy products under 1 star Better Life are being produced with attention to all animals on and around the farm and a richer nature. For example, the cows live in a more cow-friendly stable with room for their natural behavior: multiple drinking and feeding places and sufficient places to lie and walk. Not only the cows go into the pasture 120 days a year, 6 hours a day, the young cattle also go outside. There is also more care for the calf: they receive permanent drinking water and stay on the farm longer. Bees, butterflies and other insects are a good place to be around the farmyard because there will be more flowery meadows. Moreover, the farmyard is a safe placefor farmland birds to breed and have young, with peace, space, and sufficient food. Preservation of ditches, ditches, and other landscape elements help with this. The broadening of the quality mark also pays attention to the environment and climate. The cows eat grass that comes as much as possible from their own farm, manure is used as much as possible on their own land and only pesticides with a low environmental impact are used.
“It’s great that everyone can now opt for milk and yogurt with the 1 star Beter Leven quality mark. Significant steps are being taken for animals, nature and the environment at the Beter Leven dairy farms. I am extremely proud of the farmers!”, Says Marijke de Jong, program manager of the animal protection organization.

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Christopher Durham
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