Wednesday at Velocity

It’s always interesting when you pull together a group of people to talk business, especially when you throw in creatives, because they’re… creative. When you get everyone together in one room, talking about industry, there are bound to be themes that just naturally come up repeatedly. The fun part is seeing what those themes turn out to be.

Yesterday, Be Fearless became one of those themes, and it carried through in several sessions today. We need to be fearless as we create our designs and build our brands. That’s how we win against the national brands. It’s how we build our followings, create our tribes.

Christine Sech, executive strategy director at Interbrand, moderated a conversation with Vera Atamian, private brand senior designer at Boxed, and David Ziefler-Voll, creative director at MBD, that was fascinating as they looked at what packaging will look like in the future. They stressed taking design to the next level while remaining authentic to the brand. They all agreed that good packaging brings in the little elements that make consumers smile, or give them a laugh. Based on all the questions coming from the crowd at the end, we all want to take brand packaging to the next level.

Richard Honiball, SVP, chief merchandising & marketing officer, with the Navy Exchange, talked about bringing private brand to the Navy through their stores. His goal is simple: bring the best products possible to the men and women who serve our country in the Navy. They’re building brands that emotionally connect with our sailors and give them a taste of home, no matter where they’re serving. His passion for his work is humbling.

The networking never stopped, especially at lunch and as Velocity wound down, with everyone trying to make that final connection before heading back to work, to apply what we learned in a packed few days.

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