What Happened at Velocity Today?

If you haven’t experienced Velocity: The My Private Brand Conference before, you’re really missing out. You read this blog because you believe in private brand. So take a minute and think of what it’s like when over 125 like-minded people get together to discuss the industry. To not have to explain why private brand is important. To spend two days talking to people who just get it.

Velocity is all about getting people together to talk. Not surprising since My Private Brand is a co-sponsor of the Vertex Awards, it’s all about getting everyone thinking about better private brand packaging, products, strategy.

Is everyone’s strategy the same? Of course not. But there were common themes, and some great conversation starters. We talked about the growing markets of conscious consumers with Paul Rice, founder and CEO of Fair Trade USA.

How does a Gen Z customer shop? They pull out their cell phones and do research right there in the aisle. They check to see what’s being said about the product, about the company. Having a computer in your pocket has changed the way we shop, and it’s most evident with Gen Z and millennials. You do it. We do it. They do it. Does your strategy take that into consideration?

We talked about scents, and keeping them modern. Bringing new mixes to the market, both with scents, and with tastes. Lavender on its own isn’t enough. Innovation is key. Bring it into your product mix and your branding.

And we networked. A lot.

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