Celebrate Thanksgiving With Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s continues to build on its impressive and tasty portfolio of seasonal private brand products with a TJ’s Fully Cooked Brined Bone-In Half Turkey Breast and TJ’s Sweet Potato & Marshmallow Pixie Pie Mix. Both new products reinforce Trader Joe’s differentiation and create craveable occasions customers love.

If your guest list is short, or meat-eaters are in the minority, a whole, big bird might feel like the center-of-the-plate equivalent of hyperbole. In these situations, what you need is Trader Joe’s private brand Fully Cooked Brined Bone-In Half Turkey Breast to eliminate the excess, while still supplying several juicy, flavorful portions of meat for the interested parties at the party.

Trader Joe’s Midwest supplier splits a full turkey breast, leaving the bone in, and marinating it in a brine of salt, sugar, black pepper, and garlic-herb butter. The Half Breast is then seared, and slowly cooked sous-vide.

It’s not an exaggeration to say this approach produces a moist, juicy, and tender Half Turkey Breast with rich, slow-roasted flavor—and in just 40 minutes, versus the multiple hours it takes to cook a whole turkey.

Trader Joe’s selling each Fully Cooked Brined Bone-In Half Turkey Breast (about 2.5 pounds on average) for $6.99 per pound.

In English folklore, brownies are mythical spirits—also called pixies—that are said to live in attics or walls, and aid with household chores in secret. With its ease of use, and the impressive results it achieves with minimal effort, it’s only fitting to name Trader Joe’s Sweet Potato & Marshmallow Pixie Pie Mix in honor of these hidden helpers.

Made exclusively for Trader Joe’s in Kentucky, this non-fictional—yet fantastical—Pixie Pie Mix is a true lifesaver in the kitchen when you need a dreamy dessert on the double. Somewhere between a brownie and a pie in texture, it boasts a buttery crust with a tender chew. Classic, moist sweet potato filling & creamy marshmallow spread add deep, caramel-y sweetness; when baked atop the crust, the sweet potato-marshmallow mixture sets into a gooey, moist, fork-ready filling. Yum.

The components for the crust, sweet potato filling and marshmallow spread are conveniently portioned, packed, and ready to prepare: add melted butter to the crust, and while it bakes, mix the sweet potato filling with egg and water. Pour the sweet potato filling and marshmallow spread into the baked crust, then throw the whole thing back in the oven. In about 30 minutes you’ll have a delightfully warm, sweet dish that looks (and tastes) like you made it from scratch.

Trader Joe’s is offering 17-ounce boxes of Trader Joe’s Sweet Potato & Marshmallow Pixie Pie Mix for $2.99, but only during the holidays.

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Christopher Durham
Christopher Durham is the president of My Private Brand and the co-founder of The Vertex Awards. He is a strategist, author, consultant and retailer who built brands at Delhaize-owned Food Lion, and lead strategy and brand development for Lowe’s Home Improvement. He has consulted with retailers around the world on their private brand portfolios including: Family Dollar, Petco, Staples, Office Depot, Best Buy, Metro (Canada), TLW (Taiwan) and Hola (Taiwan). Durham has published five definitive books on private brands, including his first book, Fifty2: The My Private Brand Project. In 2017, he will debut his newest book, Vanguard: Vintage Originals, a visual tour of innovation and disruption in private brand going back to the mid-1800’s. Dynamic in his presentation while down to earth and frank in his opinions, he has presented at numerous conferences, including FUSE, The Dieline Conference, Packaging that Sells, Omnishopper and PLMA’a annual trade show in Chicago. Durham lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife, Laraine, and two daughters, Olivia and Sarah.