Discover the New Tesco finest* Wine

Tesco has introduced a new line of exclusive wines which will give customers a chance to discover some exceptional tasting wines at great prices.

The new private brand collection will delve into the world of luxury wines, without the usual price tag. The 10 new Tesco finest* wines, which are perfect for those special occasions or everyday treats, have been created in partnership with world-renowned wine producers. The range focuses on classic French and Italian styles, as well as introducing some more unusual and upcoming regions.

Tesco’s Master of Wine, James Davis said:

“These fantastic new finest* wines offer customers an opportunity to discover a range of top quality wines at exceptional prices. 

“We are seeing that a large number of customers are looking for a terrific wine to celebrate a special occasion, or to be an interesting talking point at the dinner table.

“We believe we’ve found some real hidden gems amongst some brilliant classics. With the help of our fantastic wine-making partners we’re able to bring these once exclusive wines to shoppers across the country.”

Customers will be able to easily identify the new additions to the range by the striking label design which mirrors the quality of the wine inside, and highlights which winemaker Tesco has worked in partnership with to bring these special wines to life.

The wines will be available in over 200 stores across the country and online.

The new Tesco finest* wines, are available at prices between £7 and £20 and includes:

  • Tesco finest* Faugeres 2015
  • Tesco finest* Lambrusco Reggiano Amabile DOC NV
  • Tesco finest* Valpolicella Ripasso 2014
  • Tesco finest* St Emilion Grand Cru 2011
  • Tesco finest* Barbera d’Alba 2013
  • Tesco finest* Margaux 2011
  • Tesco finest* Mercurey Rouge ‘Selection Georges’ 2015
  • Tesco finest* Gaillac Perle 2016
  • Tesco finest* Minervois La Liviniere 2015
  • Tesco finest* Vire Clesse 2015

The introduction of the new premium wines are the latest stage of Tesco’s journey to develop its wine range, by improving the quality, selection and availability and simplify the pricing of their own label wines.

In addition to the new full-sized bottles of finest* wines, Tesco is also introducing a range of top-of-the-line finest* favorites in 187ml bottles. The smaller bottle sizes are great for single serves and portion control, but also offer the ability to trial new wine styles and discover a new favorite.

The wines include:

Tesco finest* Margaux 2011 – £20.00

In partnership with Chateau Cantenac Boyd

This wine is from one of France’s most prestigious wine making regions – Margaux in Bordeaux, with prices for a single bottle go up to £500! Our award-winning Margaux is bold, rich and well-balanced with vibrant and complex flavors of black fruit, cherries, spices and oak. The ultimate treat for a special occasion.

Food pairing: Enjoy with bold foods such as grilled steak.

Tesco finest* Faugeres 2015 – £8.00

In partnership with Maison du Sud

Faugeres is a region situation in the southern area of France called the Languedoc. The grapes for this wine are grown high up on cool Mediterranean slopes from vines that burrow deep into rich local soil. This powerful red is gifted with full flavors of black fruit, local herbs and a subtle spice and has a long, fresh finish. Unusually this wine has gone through very little filtration in order that the wine retains the essences of the terroir and the typicty of the wine.

Food pairing: Demands bold food, particularly beef dishes and game stews.

Tesco finest* Lambrusco Reggiano Amabile DOC NV – £7.00

In partnership with Cantine Riunite

An Italian, sparkling red wine? Yes! This once dated, uncool variety is making a comeback – especially the more traditional, premium styles. Sealed with the authentic flat cork, this high quality sparkling Lambrusco comes from the very best hillside vineyards of Reggio Emilia. The ancient Grasparossa grape gives this deep ruby-red wine its complex red fruit flavors, and its bright, dry juicy finish.

Food pairing: Drink chilled alongside barbecued and cured meats.

Tesco finest* Valpolicella Ripasso 2014 – £11.00

In partnership with Cantina Valpantena

From Northern Italy’s famed Valpolicella region comes a bold but well-balanced wine full of dark fruit flavors. Taken from the Italian word to ‘pass by again’, this red is passed twice through the grape skins to create a darker color, richer texture and a complex and smooth taste. This is made exclusively for Tesco in partnership with Cantina Valpantena; true specialists of Valpolicella Ripasso.

Food pairing: Beautiful with aged cheeses, stews and braised meats.

Tesco finest* St Emilion Grand Cru 2011 – £16.00

In partnership with Chateau Val d’Or

Another classic region, St Emilion is situation on the right banks of the famous Bordeaux region of France. Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes for this wine are picked by hand and blended together to create a distinct and complex concentration of intense blackberry and blackcurrant flavors. Oak ageing produces notes of cedar and spice which give way to a long finish.

Food pairing: An excellent accompaniment to classic roast meats.

Tesco finest* Barbera d’Alba 2014 – £8.00

In partnership with Lo Zoccolaio

A traditional Italian grape variety, these Barbera grapes grown on the Lo Zoccolaio estate in Piedmonte, North Italy. This rich wine has delicate perfume, ripe tannins and layers of flavors of plum, raisins and spices.

Food pairing: Best with roast beef or ravioli.

Tesco finest* Mercurey Rouge ‘Selection Georges’ 2015 – £14.00

In partnership with Bouchard

From the classic Burgundy region of Franc, this 100% Pinot Noir has been exclusively produced for us at the historic family-run Bouchard winery. In tribute to our very own wine expert’s Grandfather, this medium bodied wine has layers of red and black fruits and savory spice notes.

Food pairing: This wine brings out the best from red meats, roast pork and poultry-based stews.

Tesco finest* Gaillac Perle 2016 – £7.00  

In partnership with Castel Freres

With its delicate spritz, mouthwatering stone fruit flavors and aromas of fresh citrus, this dry Gaillac Perle is both crisp and elegant. Produced in one of the oldest winemaking regions in South West France and hailed as the next Picpoul de Pinet, it is a lively and modern wine with ancient heritage.

Food pairing: Perfect as an aperitif or paired with grilled fish and shellfish.

Tesco finest* Minervois La Liviniere 2015 – £9.50

In partnership with Domaine de la Baume

The vineyards in the tiny French region of La Liviniere sit high in the foothills of the Pyrenees, with chalky soil below and plenty of sun above. These are ideal conditions to produce full bodied and characterful red wines like this one – packed with generous flavours of tapenade, juicy black fruit and dried herbs.

Food pairing: It is the perfect match with hearty stews.

Tesco finest* Vire Clesse 2015 – £11.00

In partnership with Bouchard

A beauty from Burgundy, this wine is harvested from a number of small, carefully selected quality Chardonnay vineyards and partially aged in oak for added complexity. A deliciously crisp and creamy white wine with apple and citrus aromas offset by characteristic minerality and a long finish

Food pairings: A ripe white that adds depth to poultry, seafood and softer cheese.

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