M.A.D.E. Awards Nominees Announced

The nominees for the 2017 Marques Associées Distribution Event (M.A.D.E) Awards of excellence in private label have been announced.

The awards ‘detect trends and reward innovative know-how in line with consumer expectations and the requirements of the various distribution networks’, according to organizers.

Categories include Co-Creation, Design, Nutrition, Natural, Origin, Epicure, and Usage. The pre-jury met in February to select the best 24 innovations out of 130 possible candidates.

A panel comprised of 13 experts will select the winners, who will be revealed in Paris on 28 and 29 March.

For the first time, M.A.D.E. will feature the ‘Best of M.A.D.E.’ excellence award for the most outstanding product. This premier title will be bestowed after a live kitchen test at the exhibition.

The M.A.D.E exposition brings together buyers, influencers, consumers, and product developers from distribution systems and new-concept stores in France and abroad.

It will feature 500 food and non-food manufacturers, divided into fresh, grocery, frozen, and non-food sectors. Five thousand visitors are expected from around the world.

The nominees include:


Innovation through collaboration

“co-” is not just a trend – it is the solution. The point is to put consumers at the heart of the innovation process and even include them in the choice of products (e.g., consumers choosing Danette’s next flavor, Auchan selling consumer-sourced dishes in its “You’re the chef!” range).

It is also sharing know-how and expertise in order to innovate together.”

Criteria: Open innovation, sharing, collaborative innovation

  2. SEGAFREDO: Café en grains Gilbert
  3. TRUFFIERES DE RABASSE: Sauce au fromage et à la Truffe


Where packaging seduces the consumer

Eating in a group means having products that promote the image we want to give of ourselves.

Product design has become essential. The container is as important as the content, especially when eating in a “tribe” (teenagers, some young professionals, athletes).

The design and appearance of food products have become key to their success.”

Criteria: Premium, packaging …

  1. BLOOMUP: Concrète – Huile de parfum solide, sans alcool – Mon Petit Paradis
  2. TRI D’AIX: BBQ Marshmallow bag
  3. ZANDBERGEN WORLD’S FINEST MEAT: The Frozen Butcher Ribeye Steak


Unashamed pleasure 

Pleasure is always behind consumption and repeat purchases. These are products that are delicious, refined, and sometimes premium or exotic.

They have new flavors, colors, and textures… experience the mixing of cultures and the breaking of taboos, and be charmed by these products.”

Criteria: Great taste, pleasure, flavor, gastronomy, premium, new sensory experiences, fusion …

  2. LEGENDES GOURMANDESPréparation pour risotto saumon courgette
  3. LUCIEN GEORGELINFoies gras sur lit de fruits
  4. TERRA CERESFondant NOIR Intense


100% natural

Humans remain at the center of our hyper-technological and technical world, and the need for naturalness is stronger than ever.

The list of ingredients is simplified by removing anything artificial (additives, preservatives, pesticides, GMOs …) and keeping only the ingredients that are known and natural (fruits, vegetables, ancient grains …).

This approach extends beyond food to defending and saving the planet and all species that live on it: fair trade, biodiversity, animal welfare, organic, sustainable and responsible food, fight against food waste …”

Criteria: Organic, ethical, fair, vegan, clean label, sustainability, CSR, food waste …

  1. BISCHOFSZELL PRODUITS ALIMENTAIRES SA: Infusion d’herbes des Alpes Suisses
  2. MEO FICHAUX: Capsule Bio Compost
  3. OLIVES & CO: Marie-Amélie – Soupe de poissons MSC
  4. VEDA LTD: Vinaigre bio d’aronia


Good health through good food

Consumers now require their nutritional and health concerns related to food and eating patterns to be taken into account.

Rather than following nutritional diktats, consumers are turning to a more holistic approach to their health: less fat, sugar, and salt (but these are no longer entirely prohibited), more healthy foods, especially fruits and vegetables (but no longer with a requirement to eat five daily), more exercise, less stress and guilt.”

Criteria: Allergen-free, healthy, raw food, fit, harmony, balance, well-being, health, eating better …

  1. ALGAE WEST: Mini-cookies BIO à la Spiruline parfum Amandes & Abricot
  2. DALLA COSTA ALIMENTARE: Fusilli aux pois chiches : spécialité alimentaire biologique
  3. PAM: Boulgour et Quinoa cuisinés aux petits légumes


Be proud of your know-how and traditions 

Traceability is a central issue – both as a security guarantee for fearful and suspicious consumers and as an indirect way of inciting them to eat local food.

The “Made in …” label promotes transparency and helps restore consumer confidence!

Criteria: Regional, ethnic, Made in France, convenience, transparency, trust, traceability, reassurance

  1. FROMAGERIE CHABERT: Flocon de Savoie Bio
  2. GREENYARD FROZEN FRANCE: Purée cuisinée d’artichaut Camus de Bretagne
  3. PER INTER: Halloumi
  4. SALAISONS DIJONNAISES: Chorizo Pur Boeuf Charolais


Convenience is everyday intelligence

We spend less and less time on our food (shopping, preparing, eating …). In this context, there are sky-high expectations for products that are easy to buy, transport, store, use, eat, recycle, etc.

In a world where time is our most valuable asset, products that provide solutions are a Must.”

Criteria: Everyday, useful, timesaving, convenience, Snacking, On the go, packaging, solutions, easy

  1. FROMAGERIE DE LIVAROT: Petit Camembert au four
  2. LCC SARL: Gel douche à reconstituer
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