MPB Insights: Tom Ewing – Director Retail Channel Businesses T Marzetti

Today as a part of the ongoing MPB Insights interview series Christopher Durham, founder of My Private Brand, talks to Tom Ewing, Director Retail Channel Businesses T Marzetti Company, a $1.1 Billion subsidiary of Columbus-based Lancaster Colony Corporation.

His career began with the Procter & Gamble Company and continued through assignments at Frito-Lay, Borden Inc. and ED Smith & Sons prior to joining T. Marzetti in 1995.

Tom has served multiple terms on the Board of Directors of the Private Label Manufacturer’s Association and was Chairman of the Board in 1995 & 1996. He was inducted into the Private Label Hall of Fame in March 2016.

Tom and his wife Karen reside in Columbus OH.

The series features short interviews with executives from private brand manufacturers consisting of five questions. The project is based on one main principle: the less useless words, the better. The goal is to give readers as much thought provoking, insightful information as possible. Less is more.

Christopher: How did you get your start in the private brand business?
Tom: Private Label Sales at Borden Foods gave me a chance to get back to sales without having to move my family from Columbus.

Christopher: What is your proudest accomplishment?
Tom: My proudest moment was my induction to the PLMA Hall of Fame.

Christopher: What will private brand look like in 20 years?
Tom: Private Brands will become the major marketing tool of the retailers who survive transformation and consolidation.

Christopher: If you could give retailers one piece of advice what would it be?
Tom: Treat your brand and your suppliers as your most valuable assets, without them, it will be hard to have a tough time competing with retailers who do.

Christopher: What keeps you up at night?
Tom: Food Safety will always keep me up at night even though we have full commitment throughout our company to quality and safety.

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