Jumbo Engages Kids With Woezel & Pip

Dutch retailer Jumbo has developed a new private brand licensed product line featuring the popular Dutch children’s cartoon Woezel & Pip. The line will be launched at the end of February and aims to promote cherry tomatoes, snack-cucumbers and slices of fruit or cheese as an alternative treat to cookies and candy.

The range will offer around 25 products, imaginatively ‘sourced’ from various parts of the ‘Magic Garden’, where cartoon dogs Woezel & Pip have their adventures.

Young customers can soon look forward to cereals from the ‘Golden Corn Fields’, ‘cheeseheads’ from the Green Meadow, ‘cheerful apples’ and ‘merry pears’ from the ‘Jolly Orchard’, spring water from the ‘barren rock’ and vegetables from ‘Mole’s veggie patch’.

Ed van de Weerd, commercial director at Jumbo Supermarkets, explained, “When it comes to children, we find making healthier choices very important. The fun and tasty products from the Magic Garden (Tovertuin) will offer young families a helping hand, making shopping and cooking a little easier.”