WinCo Foods Launches TV Campaign “Everything”

Idaho-based employee-owned supermarket chain WinCo Foods has introduced a fresh new TV campaign. The sound design driven concept created by the global agency MBD immediately grabs your ear. Each artfully crafted shot shows WinCo Foods does “everything” to save their customers money in every aisle, every department, every day.

MBD began its relationship with the retailer when it successfully rolled out thousands of redesigned the WinCo Foods Private Brand SKU’s so it’s no accident that Private brand makes a cameo in the spot.

The objective of the campaign was to dispel a few misconceptions about WinCo stores. WinCo Foods is not a reseller, wholesaler or warehouse that requires a membership fee to shop. They offer a traditional supermarket shopping experience with top quality and low prices in every aisle, every department, every day. And of course, make the spot memorable.

As a proud employee-owned company, WinCo has always marched to the beat of their own drum so why not give them their very own soundtrack? Literally.

Thus, the commercial presents a fresh, sound design driven approach to this campaign.   Beautifully shot footage showcase a variety of departments, products, and people all creating a beat WinCo can call their own. Using real employees kept the spots genuine and uniquely WinCo Foods, staying true to their employee-owned culture.

To create a unique beat for WinCo Foods, the agency collaborated with L.A. based beat-scout FreshBigMouf who made the music out of everyday items.  His style was the perfect complement to the big idea.

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