Are You Ready for Tomorrow? PLMA’s 2017 Annual Meeting & Leadership Conference

There may not be any supermarkets on Mars yet, but you can be sure that tomorrow’s marketplace on Earth will look extraterrestrial compared to today’s shopping experience. Apps, drones, and dashes are here and robots are changing the supply chain. PLMA’s 2017 Annual Meeting and Leadership Conference takes you to tomorrow’s marketplace so you can see what it will look like and plan what you can do now to help yourself later. The conference will be held March 23-26 at the Westin La Paloma in Tucson, Arizona.

While retailers are not going to revamp existing store designs overnight, one company is launching a format without check-out counters while others are testing out one hour delivery in stores in France, Germany and England. Packaging of products could also be extraterrestrial. Packaging that dissolves upon use, packaging that is edible: technology already exists to make these today. As national brands adopt revolutionary new packaging, the pressure will be on private brands.

The conference takes you step-by-step through tomorrow’s marketplace, including a special workshop on scenario planning which can help companies adjust production and marketing in the face of future changing events. Plus, PLMA offers its unique “Meet the Retailer” segment, introducing you to one of America’s leading retailers and their plans for innovation in the years ahead as well as the PLMA Hall of Fame Breakfast.

Presentations will include

Tomorrow’s Marketplace
Speaker: William Gillispie
Retail and CPG Leader
IBM Global Business Services

Packaging for the Future
Speaker: Michael Vincent, CPP
Principal Packaging Consultant
The Sustainable Package

Meet the Retailer
Speaker: Jac Ross
Senior Director, Own Brands Product Development
Ahold USA

Scenario Planning Workshop
Speaker: Paul J. H. Schoemaker
Executive Chair
Decisions Strategies International

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