Topco Partners with Symphony EYC to Provide Customer- Insights

Cooperative Topco and Symphony EYC, have announced the establishment of an aggregated solution to provide Topco members with both insights and reports designed to help drive store sales.

Together, Symphony EYC and Topco will deliver aggregated customer data across multiple member retailers that can be shared with their Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) partners, allowing Topco members and CPG partners to design and run better programs. In addition, through this partnership with Symphony EYC, Topco will further leverage customer insights into their private brand business supporting their member retailers.

Symphony EYC and Topco will provide members with access to segmentation and innovative cloud-based Category Management capabilities. Additionally, Topco members, who represent some of the strongest and most trusted regional retailers in the US, will benefit from:

  • Increased ID store sales due to better customer insights driving better plans
  • Improved partnership and support from CPGs using the retailer’s customer data
  • Ability to drive scale
  • Stronger private label offerings developed using customer insights

“Symphony EYC is proud to partner with Topco to provide our customer-centric retailing solutions and services to its participating member retailers who are a diverse and strong group of regional retailers that span the US market,” said Dr. Pallab Chatterjee, Chairman and CEO of Symphony EYC. “Together, we will deliver scalable customer insights that will further strengthen the retailers and allow CPG partners to effectively leverage this valuable information to drive their results as well.”

“We view this partnership with Symphony EYC as another opportunity for our members to collaborate and achieve greater value. By collectively leveraging Symphony EYC’s customer-centric insights and reporting, we’re creating richer insights and helping Topco members better understand consumers and their buying decisions,” said Randy Skoda, President and CEO of Topco.