Amazon Dominates Top 25 Stories of 2016

2015 was a banner year for My Private Brand and private brand in general and this list of our top 25 stories of the year demonstrates the dramatic changes the year brought. This is the first year that internet giant Amazon has dominated the spotlight with 4 stories in the top 25 tieing them with Target for most read about retailer. Perhaps most surprising was the story on Costco private brand golf balls which was published in late December, the story outperformed the nearest story by more than 6 to 1.

Not surprisingly the years Vertex Award winners also performed very well it continues to draw readership. Don’t forget to enter this year’s awards.

  1. Costco Hits A Hole in One With Private Brand
  2. Walmart to Eliminate Price First
  3. The Vertex Winners Are
  4. Walmart to Eliminate Price First
  5. Amazon in Growth Mode Expands Private Brand Portfolio
  6. 7 Traits of the Visionary Private Brand Executive
  7. Amazon Plans Private Brand Blitz
  8. A&P Puts Jane Parker On the Auction Block
  9. Ahold’s Etos Has Arrived in Style
  10. Save-A-Lot Acquires Americas Choice
  11. Vertex Awards III: Gold Winners
  12. Private Brand Gives Back!
  13. Kroger Grows Hemisfares with a Taste of Spain
  14. Walmart Introduces Great Value Organic
  15. Target Boldly Redefines NBE – Market Pantry
  16. Target Dramatically Improves Archer Farms Coffee
  17. Aldi Says No, No, No with “Never Any”
  18. Sears Puts Kenmore, Craftsman On the Block
  19. Extreme Convenience – Extreme Private Brand
  20. Ahold Evolves Nature’s Promise “Free From” Private Brand
  21. Member’s Mark Goes Viral!
  22. Amazon Dives Into Private Brand Grocery
  23. Private Brand Dominates Do It Yourself
  24. Target Radically ReDesigned For Kids: Cat & Jack
  25. Trader Joe’s Customer Choice Award Winners
  26. Amazon Launches Presto! Detergent
  27. Target Builds the “Pillowfort” of Kids Dreams