Seattle-based internet leviathan Amazon has once again expanded it’s private brand portfolio with the launch of the with the much anticipated Wickedly Prime. Unlike Amazon’s more recent additions to their portfolio in the food and consumables categories, Happy Belly, Mama Bear and Presto!, Wickedly Prime is the first brand since Amazon Elements with a direct link to the Amazon master brand. The brand boldly embraces its Amazon affiliation and adds to the rich and varied set of strategies the retailer is employing to capture the hearts and stomachs, and of course, Wickedly Prime is exclusively available to Amazon Prime members

Not only does it have “Prime” in its name, the brand features the Amazon “smile” in the logo, and the distribution clause clearly proclaims the connection “Distributed by Amazon Fulfillment Services.”. The distribution clause on Happy Belly, Mama Bear and Presto! packaging creates an arms lengthy if coded connection “AFS Brands LLC.”

Wickedly Prime products include:

  • Wickedly Prime Sweet ‘n’ Cheesy Popcorn Mix, Caramel & Cheddar
  • Wickedly Prime Soft Shell Almonds, Dry Roasted & Salted
  • Wickedly Prime Organic Tortilla Chips, Stone-Ground Blue Corn
  • Wickedly Prime Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips

The Wickedly Prime brand page on Amazon articulately promotes the brand with a confident and aspirational voice, tone and manner.

Some eat to live. We live to eat.

We are Wickedly Prime, and our passion to experience and share the best flavors on earth has inspired us to create a new line of distinctive food and beverages, available exclusively to Amazon Prime members.

Our Wickedly Prime Promise

We think you’ll love our Wickedly Prime products as much as we do.

If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll refund your purchase.

Let’s hope that Amazon enters this year’s Vertex Awards. It should be interesting to see how these new brands fare against the best private brands in the world.