Brandless to Disrupt With Private Brand

Tina Sharkey and serial entrepreneur Ido Leffler Fortune Sarah Deragon Portraits To The People

Early this month Fortune magazine featured a fascinating story “Investors Bet on Brandless as the Next Procter and Gamble for Millennials” which previewed a new commerce store Brandless.

Founded by Silcone Valley investors: Sherpa Capital’s Tina Sharkey and serial entrepreneur Ido Leffler, the new retailer received $16 million in funding led by Redpoint Ventures with Cowboy Ventures, Slow Capital, and Sherpa Capital all participating.

Brandless will be 100% private brand. All food will be either natural and/or organic, and the site promises a simply curated experience that includes only the right products.

And to disrupt the retail model even further every product available on Brandless is the same price, which the company did not disclose but said it was in the single digits.