H-E-B to Roll Out New ‘H-E-B Select Ingredients

\"new-select-ingredients-2016-rev1-01\"Strengthening its commitment to offering customers food choices free from unwanted ingredients, H-E-B is introducing a new sub-brand H-E-B Select Ingredients, a line consisting of H-E-B brand products excluding more than 200 synthetic ingredients, high fructose corn syrup and artificial flavors. H-E-B Select Ingredients products are on shelves now and customers will enjoy more than 400 Select Ingredients products by the end of this year.

As with the launch H-E-B Organics in 2014, H-E-B continues to offer food choices to fit a variety of lifestyles. H-E-B Select Ingredients addresses the growing desire of customers to choose foods with fewer processed ingredients without sacrificing the price, quality and flavor expected from H‑E‑B brand products, many of which are already formulated to meet H-E-B Select Ingredient standards.


“As the number one food provider in Texas, it is H-E-B’s goal to be responsive to our customers who are seeking the highest quality in food choices at the lowest possible prices, and that includes products void of synthetic ingredients, high fructose corn syrup and artificial flavors,” said Martin Otto, Chief Merchant and Chief Financial Officer for H-E-B. “Demand for products without synthetic ingredients has risen exponentially, yet many of these items remain out of reach for customers on a budget. That’s why we’re excited to bring H-E-B Select Ingredients to families across the state. Our team of experts carefully chooses ingredients, taking the guesswork out of label-reading and making it easy for customers to purchase products that are right for their family’s needs.”

\"new-select-ingredients-2016-rev1-02\"The new line includes Greek yogurt, ice cream, milk, cereals, snack items, breads, nuts, hummus and many more items. As ingredient lists are pared down, price, flavor profiles and quality expectations for customers’ favorite products will not change. To ensure these products are easily identifiable, each H-E-B Select Ingredient item will feature a new logo with a large green check mark on the front of the packaging.

Other synthetic ingredients excluded from H-E-B Select Ingredients products include:

  • Red 40, Yellow 5 (and other certified colors)
  • Bleached flour
  • Artificial sweeteners such as aspartame
  • Partially hydrogenated oils
  • BHT, BHA & EDTA (Preservatives)
  • ADA and potassium bromate (dough conditioners)

H-E-B plans continuous growth of the Select Ingredient brand, creating more options for Texans to enjoy at the low price they are accustom to.

Customers are encouraged to visit www.heb.com/select to find frequently asked questions, an extensive list of ingredients that are included and excluded and more about what makes H-E-B Select Ingredients different.

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