CVS Innovates With Private Brand K Cups for Colds

CVScupsCold and flu season is fast upon us, and Woonsocket-based drugstore CVS has a new private brand product idea –  a new, more convenient way to fight off the symptoms – OTC medicine delivered through a single-serve coffee brewer.

CVS Health released its new Day & Night Cold & Flu Relief Single Serve Cups in stores and online. It is the first foray into using K-Cups for medicinal beverage use.

The cups are filled with a beverage powder combined with pain reliever and medicines, similar to the version sold in pouches.

keurighed_pngThis version allows customers to place the cup directly in their Keurig machine and dispense the hot beverage instantly.

The nighttime formula is honey-lemon flavored and the daytime version is berry infused with mentol and green tea. A package sells for $8.49 online and comes with four cups of each formula.