Sephora Debuts Private Brand Tinder Campaign

Sephora frontCapitalizing on the popularity of mobile games, beauty retailer Sephora is unveiling a new campaign to promote its private brand Sephora Collection on mobile and desktop.sephora-tinder

The retailer has assembled 1,000 photos of products and swatches for its new “swipe it, shop it” and “beauty uncomplicator” features that help customers browse and buy. For “swipe it, shop it,” users are presented with a look, and can swipe left or right to shop it or not. “Beauty uncomplicator” asks users three questions to narrow down their search.

In addition to the Tinder-like approach, Sephora is also running actual swipable, shoppable ads on Tinder. Branded cards on Tinder prompt users to click and take a poll for a free sample.

“We’re trying to create these really fun, addictive shopping experiences,” she also said. “We offer a huge range of products in every category, but we also have the full, 360-[degree] retail and digital experience in addition to that product.” Deborah Yeh, SVP of marketing and brand at Sephora, told Ad Week.