Amazon, Walgreens and Lowe’s 2015’s Best Perceived Brands

    Amazon-BoxYouGov BrandIndex’s best-perceived brands of the year was releases yesterday and not surprisingly  “New media and technology are dominating the list,” said BrandIndex CEO Ted Marzilli. “Seven out of 10 of these brands are these new media brands and many of them didn’t exist 10 years ago.”

    YouGov polls consumers each year about 1,400 brands, asking respondents to score them based on what they’ve heard about them (good or bad) in the preceding two weeks. Although new media and digital companies dominate the list, retailers with great brands occupy key positions.

    Here’s a look at America’s 10 best-perceived brands going into 2016:

    1. Amazon
    2. Netflix
    3. YouTube
    4. Google
    5. Cancer Treatment Centers of America
    6. Apple
    7. Samsung
    8. iPhone
    9. Lowe’s
    10. Walgreens